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The Academy is an online course, with three pathways, to empower hiring professionals to debias hiring.

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The Applied Academy

Discover how to transform your hiring process through our unconscious bias training.

Research, and evidence are at our core. We're built on behavioural science, to use nudges to de-bias hiring and build an equitable future.

60% of people hired with this method would not have been found with conventional methods.

We have three pathways to suit your goals and time:

  • Join our (free) Mini Academy to begin your skill based journey.
  • Or dive deeper in the full Academy to gain access to resources.
  • Or want to go through the content with a live group, join the Academy +
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What's included?

The Academy is made up of four modules which will take you on a journey to debias your hiring.

1. Bias in hiring - An introduction to unconscious bias and how it impacts hiring.

2. Predictive hiring - How to screen without bias and use work samples instead of CVs.

3. Interviews and metrics Why you should use structured interviews how to use data effectively.

4. Crafting an inclusive job - How to source and attract better quality candidates, fairly.

Each module is made up of bitesize lessons, to make the course flexible and fit around your schedule easily. You'll learn through videos, quizzes, articles and helpful resources to keep things interesting and varied.

At the end of each module, you'll complete a quick assessment to solidify your learning and earn badges in doing so!

How will it help?

Applied are proven experts in hiring with purpose, supported by science

Applied was founded as a spin-off project from the Behavioural Insights Team in 2015. 

Since then we have grown as a business, with our hiring software offering an all-in-one anonymised hiring solution.

We remain rooted in science in all that we do with board members, including our founder, Kate Glazebrook, and staff who specialise in unconscious bias to keep our product truly transformational.

The Academy is taught by some of these expert facilitators including our Co-Founder and CEO.


Retain top talent
Applied hires have a first year turnover rate that is 3x better than average.

Increase interview to offer rate
People who use Applied find 3x as many suitable candidates.

Increase diversity
Applied users see 4x the attraction and selection of ethnically diverse candidates

Applied Academy

Empowering individuals and business to debias hiring

Micro Academy
Short videos, articles, quizzes
Get a Mini Version of the Academy
Earn 1 badge
Everything in Micro and:
Async Interactive forum (exclusive to your team)
Steps to Debias Your Hiring from attraction to interviews
Earn 4 badges
Academy +
Everything in Academy and:
Hands on support to achieve each week’s goals
30 day course with just a 30 minute commitment a week
An exclusive workshop each week for your team
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Academy +

Take a look at the schedule for our 30 day course to transform your hiring

Bias & It's Impacts on Hiring
Kick off
30 minute session
Inclusive Sourcing & Job Ads
Live Q&A
30 minutes Async
Predictive Assessment
30 minute session
Equitable Interviews
Workshop & Q&A
30 minute session

Stand out & Attract candidates by showing your commitment to inclusive hiring.

Build an efficient & equitable process.

Each week

  • Tasks: 20 minute pre reading & videos  
  • 5 minute video to watch async
  • Forum
  • 30 minute session
  • 30 minute Q&A

Applied Academy quote

“I would thoroughly recommend this to any professional responsible for recruitment within their organisation. You cannot argue with this kind of behavioural science, it’s most definitely the future!

Lisa Regan
Corporate Manager
Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network

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