78% of companies pay men more than women

The good news is that simply hiring better can help close the Gender Pay Gap
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Women are paid less than men

Mandatory reporting introduced by the 2017 Regulations under the Equality Act
has revealed what everyone already knew

It’s easy to dismiss the stats, after all, the Equal Pay Act (back in 1970), enshrined in law the idea that people are entitled the right to equal pay for doing equal work. You might naively assume this would solve the issue, but doing so would oversimplify a challenging problem.

The drivers are complex;

some systemic, some structural and some just old-fashioned bias.
There’s broad agreement that there are 3 factors that contribute to the Gender Pay Gap we see today:
Fewer women in senior roles
Women in different types of roles
Residual - time on the job, bias, discrimination etc.

How do you tackle this problem?

People often turn to diversity & inclusion training or workshops that help you to recognise our own implicit biases. The problem with these options is that there is very little evidence to show they cause any behavioural change at all (and in fact growing evidence that shows they can backfire).

We’re a company built on research and evidence so here a couple of reports on bias training to geek out over: A Meta-Analysis of Change in Implicit Bias, Unconscious Bias training effectiveness

So, what now?

The common theme that spans across all three factors is recruitment and the unintentional bias that is endemic in that process. This bias is contributing to the pay gap.

Often referred to as unconscious bias, or implicit bias, it’s a huge problem even outside the scope of the Gender Pay Gap.

Halo effect
Affinity bias
Confirmation bias
Group think
Stereotype bias

By de-biasing your recruitment you don’t just see a more diverse candidate pool, you’re actually improving the quality of your hiring decisions.

Fix the cause, not the symptoms

Applied is a recruitment platform that uses cutting edge behavioural science and data analytics to remove the unconscious bias from the recruitment process; helping you to hire fairer, faster and smarter. We’re all about getting the right person for the job, regardless of background.

We’re helping companies to unlock the business benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace.
Here’s how we’ve helped:

wouldn’t have been hired based on their CV
gender parity reached in tech scheme
drop-offs of minorities across process

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