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Training Masterclass: Debias Your Hiring

Join our event exclusively for the non-for-profit sector
9th September 2021 | 9:00am ET | 6:00am PT | 2:00pm BST

Step 1: Redesign Hiring

We will show you how to redesign hiring to be predictive and equitable, based on behavioral science.

Step 2: Attract Diverse & Passionate Candidates

How to advertise your job to Increase diversity of hires by reducing bias and improve ED&I.

Step 3: Spot aligned candidates on day one

How to write work samples that provide mission alignment. You will know what to expect from the candidate, and they know what to expect from you.
With Applied in place, our hiring can be more strategic and focused. We can plan so that our recruitment is diverse and ensures we get the best people for the roles available.
Charlotte Hillenbrand, Executive Director of Digital & Innovation, Comic Relief
The Applied platform definitely shakes up the traditional ‘CV and covering letter’ approach. It makes you think much harder about using inclusive language in role descriptions and job ads.
Vicky Browning, CEO, ACEVO

Hiring with purpose, supported by science

Applied is the essential platform for de-biasing hiring. By anonymizing applications, leveraging a skill-based methodology, and building transparency and analytics into every step of the process, our platform surfaces genuine talent that would have otherwise been overlooked. When organizations courageously and intentionally change the way they hire, they not only produce the best teams but ultimately help build a fairer, more inclusive world.

as many suitable candidates through using Applied.
reduction in time spent hiring.
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