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Applied exists to make the world a fairer place and help organisations transform their hiring, for good.

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Hire with purpose, supported by science

Humans aren't perfect when it comes to decision making. Traditional hiring methods allow for unconscious bias to creep in. They are unethical and ineffective.

There's a 60% chance the best candidates will be missed, mostly from under-represented backgrounds. This restricts your company's growth.

So we built Applied, the essential platform for de-biased recruiting. Applying science over speculation and insights over gut-instincts.

Our Values

These mantras mean a lot to us and have much longer narratives within the team. As you'll see, some of the team have even written posts about them!

Creating a fairer world

We want to empower the world to achieve higher levels of inclusivity and accessibility so that it underpins decisions from how products are designed to how employees are treated. Read Patrick's blog post.

Trust is our foundation

Trust is built with feedback, processes, and inclusivity. Trusting others at Applied means amplifying others’ voices and backing their calls. We can’t achieve great social impact without it. Read Andy's blog post.

Own and drive change

Our ambition is audacious, so we take on big tasks, move fast, aim high, and continuously grow while we do it. Everyone owns the mission and can make a difference. Read Hew's blog post.

Be curious and true to evidence

Investigate beyond the data to find the story and what works. We want to be true to the evidence at hand to make decisions but we aren’t paralysed to take action in the absence of it. Read Cameo's blog post.

Champion the user

We're changing the world and our users are central to that mission. We have to see the world from their perspective, find blindspots and innovate for them. After all, they're our heroes. Read Diana's blog post.

Behavioural economics has arrived

Behavioural economics is a relatively new field that has rapidly gained popularity in governments across the globe in the form of  “Nudge Units” like The Behavioural Insights Team and in popular culture with the likes of Moneyball and Freakonomics.

It’s a combination of insights from psychology, judgment and decision making, and economics to generate a more accurate understanding of human behaviour. And what industry better to analyse human behaviour than recruitment?

Applied is on a mission to debias hiring

Applied is a spin out of one of those Nudge Units and was built from concepts and theories that big social impact can happen from small changes; an environment where people consider the quantitative and the qualitative hand in hand and that some systems need to and can be changed.

Applied was originally created by the founding team (Kate Glazebrook, Theo Fellgett, & Rich Marr) as a side project; working on a social mobility project aimed at making recruitment fairer, more predictive, and easier. The project was worked on the side of their day jobs at The Behavioural Insights Team; but it soon became much more than that.

After conducting a large experiment to validate whether Applied could in fact beat traditional CV-based methods of hiring (read blog posts here), we became the first and only business to spin out of the Behavioural Insights Team.

From then on we've worked with some amazing people to improve our product and build a great company. We have a number of incrediblho we work closely with on all aspects of the business - from working with Iris Bohnet and Professor Adam Grant on research, to the Freshminds MDs on business development, and Nesta on measuring impact.

We're now on the next stage of our journey to increase our impact

Great social impact comes at scale and we want to make hiring better for good, for everyone. We're investing more in the team and have our sets high - check out our open roles here!

Net Zero Plan

Applied is committed to environmental sustainability and recognises the urgent need to mitigate climate change. We understand our responsibility to minimise our carbon footprint and transition towards a net zero emissions future.

Applied has a net zero plan that outlines our commitment to achieving net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and sets the framework for our environmental efforts.

We are committed to the following reduction targets:

Short-term Target:
By 2025, Applied will reduce and/or offset  its GHG emissions per FTE by 50% compared to the baseline year 2022/2023. We will regularly monitor and report at board level on our progress towards achieving this target.

Long-term Target: By 2030, Applied will achieve net zero GHG emissions. Net zero means that any remaining emissions will removed or, for hard to abate, residual emissions, be balanced through the use of carbon offsets, ensuring that our overall emissions are effectively neutralised.

Meet the Exec Team

If what you see here resonates with you, check out our open positions to join the team here!

Khyati Sundaram

CEO & Chair

Andy Babbage

Chief Commercial Officer

Nufar Galin

Chief Product Officer

Hew Ingram

Head of Engineering

You can see more of the team here.

Board and Advisors

We're proud to be supported by industry experts.

Rachel Yang

Kara Egan

Adam Milgrom

Kim Jackson

Iris Bohnet

Adam Grant

Nick Crocker

Carol Schwartz

Kate Glazebrook