A fairer way to review CVs

Want to screen resumes in the fairest, most objective way possible? Our CV Scoring Tool was built to identify genuine, quality talent and soft skills.

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Cut through the noise by focusing on the relevant skills needed for the job

Our CV screening software gives talent acquisition teams everything they need to make their screening process ethical, structured and data-driven. By laser-focusing on the things that are predictive of future job performance, you'll measurably improve quality of hire and diversity.

Data-fuel your resume screening process

The CV Scoring Tool is not your typical resume screening software... it was purpose-built to reduce bias and reliably identify genuine talent.


Things like names, faces, previous employers, and job titles are all removed from applications

Our focus questions are designed to hone in on skills, rather than credentials or personality traits

Give your recruitment team a repeatable process for spotting transferable skills

Applied's applicant tracking allows you to make decisions using objective data

Applied is the essential platform for fairer hiring

Applied is the end-to-end platform for predictive, anonymous hiring. Reduce bias, automate your process and use science-backed, predictive assessments to test directly for the skills needed for the job.

Job description gender decoding

Fair, anonymous process

Predictive, skills-based assessments

Manual tasks automated

Numerical and cognitive tests

CV screening software that removes bias

100+ years of research is clear: standard CV reviews result in talented job applicants being overlooked, bad hires being made and diversity staying stagnant. This is why we built our candidate screening software specifically to anonymise candidates and focus solely on the key skills needed for the job.

Turn your resume screening process into a predictive science

The CV Scoring Tool gives you the tools and data to accurately predict suitable candidates. Looking for mission-driven candidates? Need someone who embodies your organisation's values? Choose from our library of questions or build your own to fit your specific needs.

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Ethical, efficient high-volume hiring

Managing hundreds of applications? Applied's CV Scoring Tool allows you to invite your reviewers, screen resumes and manage your candidate database to make data-driven shortlisting decisions, all without leaving the app.

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Want to see how our analytics suite actually works? You can test our how the feature works at your own pace  via our hands-on, unguided tour...

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What our customers say about us

"With Applied in place, our hiring can be more strategic and focused... we can plan how and where we’re searching for talent across many different communities, job forums, regions or universities, so that our recruitment is diverse and ensures we get the best people for the roles available."

Charlotte Hillenbrand

Executive Director of Digital & Innovation
Comic Relief

“The reporting and data Applied offers provides such useful insights for us to reflect on, I’ve never seen another recruitment tool or provider offer so much that allows us to continuously improve our hiring process. We managed to reduced time spent reviewing applications by 50% and increase applications by 30%.”

Tania Flasck


“Senior candidates love the chance to get a deep understanding for what a potential new role involves and to see a demonstrable commitment to inclusion and not just another empty statement about diversity.”

Nick Crocker

Blackbird Ventures

About Applied

Born out of the UK Government’s Behavioural Insights Team, Applied is the all-in-one platform for fairer, more predictive hiring. Built on 100+ years of behavioural science, our platform is designed to reduce bias and accurately forecast job performance at every step of the process.

CV Screening FAQs

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Mapped is ideal for high-volume roles - make fast and fair shortlisting decisions with all the data you'll need to prove your process is accurate and ethical.goals that you can track and quantify?