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The typical hiring process

The way companies typically hire is full of problems. It is inefficient and unethical. 

Unanalyzed job postings are mass distributed to dozens of platforms. If you make it through the resume sift, you might have a 15-minute phone call.

and unstructured interviews are full of flawed signifiers open to unconscious bias. Years of experience and education can be misleading.

Halfway through the process, you might engage with your first real indicator of skill, before a quick "gut feeling" meeting with the boss.

And lastly, reference checks — are a notoriously poor predictor of performance.

The Applied platform

Craft inclusive job descriptions

Our job description tool identifies examples of gender-biased language in your job posting and suggests alternatives. They'll stand out and attract more candidates.

A moving image showing someone change words on a job descriptions

Build your job

Leveraging a skills-based methodology, use our question library or tailor your own work-sample tests to assess the right skills and identify the best candidates.

Make smarter, more efficient decisions around hiring using the guided build process in the platform.

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Improve candidate sourcing

Driven by data, Applied uses an automated applicant tracking system to analyze the most effective job boards that help fill your pipeline. Allocate your advertising spend accordingly to discover the best talent.

Some stats and charts about diversity of job candidates

Assess without bias

Instead of submitting a resume, applicants are anonymized. Their answers to relevant skills-based questions are randomized to remove bias when being marked.

Hiring teams are given an intuitive platform for scoring responses, rich with analytics. The applicant tracking system is based on years of research and behavioral science to remove bias and ensure a fair hiring process. Read more about our shortlisting process here.

A mobile phone showing an answer to a job application questionA mobile image of the answer to a question for a job interview

Manage candidates and interviews

With our all-in-one system, you can send invites, manage candidates, build questions, run the interview and score it without ever leaving the app.

to people talking to each other through a window

A better way to hire better candidates

Your candidate leaderboard will be populated using your unbiased assessment data. Equipped with the right tools, you’ll always get the best person for the job.

All candidates are given automated, tangible feedback on their experience — unlike most interviews. They love the process and see how we're trying to level the playing field.

some data showing how people have performed in a job interview

Analyze live pipeline reports

At any time, you can access and download diversity and performance data to make informed decisions on how to optimize your hiring process.

a graph showing the ages of people and how they do in the job hiring process

Transform your hiring, for good

Take the guesswork out of your company's growth with Applied, the essential platform to de-biased, fairer hiring.

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