Applied Platform

Here are eighteen ways our recruitment platform helps you hire fairer, faster, and retain hires for longer.

Diversity & Inclusion

Gendered language detection
Spot and remove any gendered language from your job descriptions and questions.
Readability scoring on job descriptions
Craft open and inclusive job descriptions.
Bias-free review process
Anonymise applications and share them across independent reviewers to remove bias.
Diversity monitoring
See real time data on the diversity performance of your roles, including the pipeline.

Manage hiring

ATS integrations
Link Applied to your ATS and HR systems.
Timed tests
Build and add assessments or situational tests.
Bulk recruitment campaigns
Create staged application flows for volume hiring campaigns.
Interview calendaring
Setup interview dates and invite candidates and colleagues.
Manage bulk emails
Simple emailing tools to manage candidate invitations, submissions, rejections and feedback.
Questions library
Use Applieds unique bank of application questions designed to help you hire the best talent.


Reviewer performance
Measure reviewer performance and optimise your review teams.
Predictive analytics on questions
Measure the predictive performance of your assessments.
Diversity analytics
Measure the impact your question have on diversity.


Friendly tech and customer service
UK based product and tech team, to support customer onboarding, support and success.
Collaborate with colleagues
Add colleagues and assign users to review candidates with ease.
Candidate pooling
Curate a pool of candidates to engage with on other roles within your organisation.
Candidate referrals
Direct candidates to other suitable roles in your organisation.
Automated candidate feedback
Improve candidate experience by giving them automatic feedback on their application.

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