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Applied is a recruitment platform designed to allow teams to measure candidates on what actually matters

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Our platform helps you write compelling and inclusive job descriptions. Optimise for ease of reading, likelihood of conversion and gender neutrality with one-click-replace.

Start constructing your role around the skills your ideal candidate would possess.


With an inclusive job ad created, it's time to get some eyeballs on it (not literally, that'd be weird).

Use our job board analysis to decide which job boards will work best for your role. After you've hired, you'll also have visibility of which job boards performed best for that role, so you can tailor your advertising for future vacancies.


The fun starts here. Well, at least we think so.

The Applied platform anonymises every candidate, before chunking and randomising their application answers. These nifty tricks remove a bunch of biases from the hiring process; read more about that here.

Each reviewer then scores a set of answers, averages are calculated and voila. Review complete.


With all answers reviewed, candidate scores are visualised and ranked, making it extremely easy to decide which applicants to invite to interview.

All unsuccessful candidates receive automatic feedback on how their application performed.


Send interview invites directly from the role dashboard and allow candidates to schedule their slot.

Once they're in the room, keep the process objective by holding structured interviews from within Applied.


This will be the easiest hiring decision you've ever made. Every piece of data and information you need is at your fingertips, but most of all - it'll be obvious which candidates are the best for the job.

That's it. Start now.

From writing your job description to hiring the best person for the job, the Applied platform can revolutionise your hiring process.

Request a demo today or see all features here.

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