Discover the best candidates with data-driven applicant tracking

Applied offers an all-in-one solution for applicant tracking and hiring. We use predictive and fair methods throughout the entire process to discover, assess and ultimately hire high-quality candidates.

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Remove bias. Improve diversity. 

Applied is the only hiring software with diversity and fairness built into every step of the process. 

We don’t just pay lip service to diversity & inclusion. Our platform is built on 50+ years of research and behavioural science.

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Anonymous and randomised applications

We remove unconscious bias triggers such as name, gender and education when reviewing applications.

Powerful bias-removing software

Candidates' answers are randomised to guarantee fairness.

Inclusive job descriptions

Remove gendered language and reading burden with our Job Description Tool

DEI focussed reporting

Live data insights throughout the process, across all aspects of diversity.

Source and screen applicants fairly

Applied helps you source a bigger, more diverse candidate pool than the majority of applicant tracking systems.

Craft inclusive job descriptions and track which job boards bring the best, most diverse set of candidates. Our CV Scoring Tool then offers an objective, quantifiable approach to screening candidates.

Applied’s hiring tracker saves time when hiring for high-volume roles. numerical skills tests you can quickly but fairly narrow down your list of candidates.

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One-click job board integrations

Automatically post to the biggest job boards and set-up API integrations.

Gender de-coder job description tool

Spot and replace gendered language, jargon and excessive reading burden.

Questions library

Browse our bank of ready-to-use questions, complete with a numerical scoring guide.

Automate & personalise candidate emails

Personalise and automate your comms with editable email templates.

Hire the most skilled applicants with predictive testing 

Use the most predictive, anonymous assessments to identify and track your most talented candidates.

Applied uses situational judgement testing to test so you can understand how candidates will perform in real-world scenarios.

Cognitive assessment tests will cut through the bias and bluster so you can focus solely on applicants’ skills.

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Work-sample questions

Test directly for skills using work sample questions - proven to be 3x more predictive than CVs.

Structured interview questions

Data-fuel and debias your interviews with skill-based, structured questions.

Numeric and cognitive assessments

Predictive shortlisting

Calculates your teams’ objective scores to make better shortlisting decisions.

A collaborative platform for managing applicants

Stop wasting time managing candidates and sifting CVs. 

Send invites, manage your hiring team, build questions, and run and score interviews without ever leaving the platform.

Manage from a central dashboard

See all assessment data in one place on your candidate leaderboard.

Team permissions & task assignments

Manage your hiring team and their responsibilities with automated reminders.

Automated interview scheduling

Let our smart automation handle the scheduling work for you. You can also send bulk rejection emails.

Hiring team calibration checker

See how your team scores answers to identify discrepancies in reviewing techniques.

Data-driven tracking and reporting

Become a change-maker with diversity tracking and reporting.

Access and download diversity and performance data at any time, to optimise your recruitment funnel.

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Live data reporting

Understand how your candidate pipeline is performing at any stage of the process.

Job board ROI analysis

Analyse how your job boards perform so you can allocate your advertising spend.

Unrivalled diversity data

Build a truly ethical hiring process with in-depth, end-to-end diversity tracking.

Question quality evaluator

See which questions perform the best to build your unique, predictive assessment process.

Delight your candidates

Candidates LOVE Applied. Over 350,000 candidates rate Applied 9/10.

Enhance your employer brand with bias-free, skill-based hiring.

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Branded careers page

Build your own careers page, and showcase all the benefits of working for your company.

Mobile friendly

Your candidates are busy. With Applied they can easily view job descriptions, save progress and apply directly from their mobile.

Automated feedback for ALL candidates

Candidates are given automated, tangible feedback, even if unsuccessful.

Self-scheduled interviews

Let your candidates select their own interview slots with automated invites.

Join the hundreds of companies making their hiring fair, more efficient and predictive. Join Applied today.

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Our platform is designed to eliminate bias, so companies can immediately identify the most qualified candidates, through fairer hiring.