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Tell us what your hiring process looks like and we'll show you how to improve and find higher quality hires.

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Hiring Health Check

Uncover what's really happening with your hiring process

Identify how to improve your hiring process

  • You want to make sure you're always hiring in the most efficient, predictive and fair way possible.
  • Why? To ensure you find the best candidates for the job without unconscious bias interfering. One problem, you aren't quite sure how to improve your hiring.
  • Applied's hiring experts have come up with the answer... Our free Hiring Health Check. Simply enter your recruitment steps and processes and we'll tell you what needs improving and why.

Answers to the hiring questions you've always wanted to know

  • How many great candidates did you lose at the first hurdle? How many mismatched candidates did you waste time on?
  • Backed by data and supported by science, our recommendations will help improve your hiring diversity, efficiency, and predictivity.
  • We don't need any personal data about candidates, we just need to know how you hire and what your process is. It only takes 2 minutes.
  • We then crunch the data and use the knowledge we've built up over the years to make educated predictions as to how you can improve your hiring process.
  • You'll receive a full report with the simulation data, explaining the science behind the numbers, and even more suggestions to evolve your hiring.

Get the diagnosis on your hiring

Ensure you find the best talent out there and watch your organisation grow.

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