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Attract all candidates, not half of them

Words matter. Studies have shown that certain words can be associated with masculine or feminine roles.  

Our gender decoder tool for job ads will identify examples of biased language and suggest alternative wording, helping you create gender neutral and inclusive job descriptions.

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Reading burden test

If you don’t need a PhD to do the job, you shouldn’t need one to decypher the job description!

So we test your job description to give it a rating based on the well-known Flesch reading standards. This way, you can ensure the reading complexity of your ad matches the standard required for the role.

Detect problematic phrases

Acronyms, buzzwords and overemphasis on education.

These are just some examples that can introduce ambiguity, signal belonging (or not) and exclude people who are older, younger or from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

The job description analysis tool highlights any instances of bias to give you the best possible chance of converting talented candidates.

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