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Unbiased hiring. Remove the noise to get huge outcomes


Interview success rate

Our customers are three times as likely to hire after interview compared to their old CV-based processes. You heard me.

Reduction in admin time

Automating processes and designing for real people’s needs means you have less work to do.

Candidate happiness

We ask all candidates for feedback at every stage, including when we give them bad news.
2020 Delivery
We usually spend around 950 hours a year on recruitment. This year with Applied we reduced that to 330 hours. Remarkable
Mike Meredith, Director
Penguin Random House
Applied’s simple process and scoring system allowed us to reach our shortlist in a totally objective way. As a result, we’ve met with and hired some brilliant candidates from outside of our industry
Ellie Harlow, Resourcing Manager
Centre for Public Impact
This is so much better than the usual near-random CV screening.
Danny Buerkli, Programme Director

Uncover real talent by testing what counts

Most assessment tools don't test how candidates would actually perform in the job

The best way to find someone who’ll thrive on the job is by testing their ability to actually do the job. We make it easy to use work sample based assessments: making sure you filter based on talent not pedigree.

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Bias free application scoring

Applied is built around four evidence-based features that ensure you’re hiring bias free.

Anonymise applications
Break applications into chunks
Share applications across the team
Randomise the order of applications

Gendered language detection

What you say matters.

Applied helps you to remove bias and stereotype threat from job descriptions. Unlike other text analytics tools that do the same thing, Applied then links your job description language to your actual hiring outcomes. This means you get a picture of the bias that are specific to your organisation, so you can continually improve. If we wanted to be fancy, we'd say we are using Machine Learning.

Candidate feedback

Missing out on a job is one thing, but missing out and never hearing why is even worse.

Applied automatically shares feedback with candidates, letting them know how they did in the process, and identifies their relative strengths and weaknesses.

For those you hire, having this information documented gives you a head-start on on-boarding and designing tailored training opportunities. For candidates, this information can be invaluable for learning and feeling respected for the time they’ve taken. Applied can even suggest other roles in your organisation that they might be better suited to.

Analytics & reporting

Diversity reporting shouldn't be difficult. Applied is the first recruitment tool to give you:

A real time view of diversity data, so you can see who’s applying to the role, and if any stage is posing a threat to diversity. Then, you get analytics on the performance of different reviewers, helping to harness your hiring teams. 

How unbiased hiring can help you

Source more diverse candidates

We help you understand which job boards or agencies are providing diverse and high performing candidates.

We then gently steer your hiring managers away from the common job description pitfalls that could scare those candidates away.

Hire without unconscious bias

With our diversity and inclusive recruitment tools, you can leverage our debiasing technology to find candidates who can do the job, not just those who ‘look the part’ or got lucky with an education or career choice.

We help you test what really matters and then blind review without bias.

Protect your employer brand

We make it easy to keep tabs on candidate satisfaction, and give your candidates safe data-driven feedback (not hearing back about a job is the worst).

That way you have more time to build the hiring brand you want.

Measure what matters

Go beyond 'time-to-hire' and measure things that actually improve things.

Measure which sources provide diverse and quality candidates, which of your team are great at interviewing, or which questions actually work.

Join these leading organisations putting great hiring first

What they're saying

Penguin Random House

Known throughout the world for sharing some of the greatest stories ever told, Penguin Random House (PRH) are also leaders in how they hire. Their annual talent programme, ‘The Scheme’, is an example of a big, sometimes ‘old skool’ organisation thinking outside the box.

The Scheme helps PRH bring new talent into publishing by specifically not looking for publishing experience. It’s the type of hiring that inspired Applied in the first place. So when they asked for Applied to be the tech behind the 2017 scheme we were thrilled.
"We’ve loved the experience with Applied. It can be really tricky to handle high volumes like we get in the scheme. Applied’s simple process and scoring system allowed us to shortlist in an easy, totally objective way. As a result, we’ve met with some brilliant candidates outside of our industry and hired excellent people.
Ellie Harlow
Resourcing Manager - Penguin Random House
Made by Many
Made by Many, a digital product design and innovation consultancy, wants to attract and encourage more diverse talent to the digital industry.

A human-centred business, Made by Many believes diverse teams make better decisions that ultimately lead to longer-lasting impact in the products and services they deliver.
We started using Applied to recruit for our internship programme, but on experiencing the radically different (and exponentially more enjoyable) process, we have started creating all of our roles on Applied. With tailored assessment criteria and blind review baked into the platform, finding people with the right aptitude as well as experience is seriously fast-tracked.
Charlotte Hillenbrand
Director of Learning & Development - Made by Many
UK Government Equalities Office
The Government Equalities Office (GEO) is responsible for equality strategy and legislation across government. GEO is responsible for equality strategy and legislation across government.

Hiring is at the heart of how they commit to the values held by those who they serve. So we were thrilled when they got in touch asking us to ‘help them deliver an exemplar of open, bias free recruitment’. So far they’ve hired entry level and senior roles open to both Civil Servants and external candidates.
"Our new recruitment process has been a great success and GEO is proud to be a leader in using a tool that is in the forefront of fair recruitment.
Clare Sandling
Women in Work Team Leader
Staatslabor — a Switzerland based civic innovation lab — initially used Applied to hire for Interns.

Two of their founders, Alenka Bonnard and Danny Bürkli chose Applied because they wanted to move to a more open and fair hiring process, to ditch outdated time consuming methods and embrace their own organisational values of putting a diverse and innovation team to work on social and civil issues.
"Not being a HR specialist, l found classical recruiting practices particularly fastidious and outdated. Applied has changed everything, I really don’t see myself using any other recruitment tool now.
Alenka Bonnard
Founder - Staatslabor