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Transform your entire hiring process

Our hiring software differs from conventional applicant tracking systems by anonymising applications and using predictive methods to source and evaluate candidates. By eliminating unconscious bias, managers can also significantly increase their chances of both hiring and retaining the right candidate.


Fill and monitor your pipeline for effective candidate management using our sourcing analysis tools. Diversify your talent pool and discover new talent by ensuring an even playing field.


Source new and undiscovered talent so you have the best candidates available for your next role. Create inclusive and accessible job adverts that attract applicants from all possible backgrounds. 


Create bespoke candidate assessments tailored to specific roles and sectors. Use anonymised and randomised skills testing, so you can remain fair and objective in your approach.


Use predictive analytics to identify the top candidates whilst remaining impartial and focused purely on skills. Manage multiple recruiting funnels with an intuitive applicant tracking platform.


Traditional interviews are notorious for allowing bias to infiltrate the hiring process. Use an intuitive platform to manage interviews while removing bias from candidate communication.


By remaining fair and objective throughout the process, you can be confident in your final hiring decision. All candidates receive bespoke, tangible feedback, even if they were unsuccessful.

Increase Diversity

Measurably improve diversity

Access diversity recruitment reports and performance data for deeper insights into your candidate pool. Understand who you're attracting to your jobs and how DEI can be improved. Screen candidates with a skills-based methodology and concrete, data-driven insights for a fair and inclusive hiring process.

Our recruiting software uses research and data-driven methodology and is built with purpose. Find the best potential candidates, mitigate systemic inequalities and take the guesswork out of your company's talent acquisition.

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Improve candidate quality and retention

Anonymise and debias your hiring process

Human decision making is prone to unconscious bias, no matter how well-intentioned we may be. Applied helps remove bias for a forward-thinking alternative to traditional candidate screening.

Our hiring platform anonymises candidates to level the playing field so that decisions are made solely on someone's ability - and not their background.

Applied uses only the most predictive and research-backed pre-hire assessments. Find your ideal candidates by testing directly for the skills needed for the job.

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A set of data ranking interview candidatesA set of data ranking interview candidates

Enhance your employer brand

Hire with an experience that candidates love

Build a consistent process that attracts a greater, more diverse talent pool. Give automated feedback to every candidate, including unsuccessful ones.

Showcase your company culture with a fair process. Nearly half a million job seekers have rated Applied 9/10.

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Hiring software that delivers real impact

Applied is the essential talent acquisition platform for debiased hiring, so you can focus all of your time and resources on recruitment tools and activities that produce the most qualified candidates.

Up to 4x increase in ethnic diversity of candidates

Traditional hiring would miss 60% of Applied hires

3x as many suitable candidates

93% retention rate after one year

9/10 average candidate experience

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Why Applied?

"With Applied in place, our hiring team can be more strategic and focused. We can plan how and where we're searching for talent across many different communities. This means our recruitment is diverse and ensures we get the best people for the roles available."

Charlotte Hillenbrand
Executive Director of Digital & Innovation
Comic Relief

Why Applied?

"I can categorically say Applied works. We reviewed CVs after we hired and there were some great hires that would not have been advanced. Some people just don't have the same support creating a CV and it's not reflective of their skills or their passion."

Julia Rabin
Project Lead
Future VC

Why Applied?

"It can be so easy to dismiss tech that can help when you’re a small team with limited budgets, but we quickly found out it ‘cost’ us around 1.5 days for every hire before Applied. This was a lot of resources to waste, but the opportunity cost for that very skilled person was also huge!"

Chris Anderson
Head of Grants and Governance
London Sport

Why Applied?

“In the incredibly crowded recruiting technology space, Applied is one of the only solutions that not only works, but works because the science is real. If you care about building a more competent and diverse workforce, buy this product.”

Laszlo Bock
Ex-Google Head of People
Author of Work Rules & founder of Humu

Create fair and unbiased job descriptions

By using language that implicitly favours a certain audience, or including a long list of excessive requirements, your job descriptions could be restricting your talent pool.

Our job description analysis tool automatically detects examples of gender-coded language and suggests neutral alternatives. It also evaluates your ads based on readability so you can remove overly complex language.

Finally, you can find out whether there is too much emphasis on outdated or unreliable indicators of skill, such as experience or educational background.

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Getting the most out of the Applied platform

Why Applied?

“In the incredibly crowded recruiting technology space, Applied is one of the only solutions that not only works, but works because the science is real. If you care about building a more competent and diverse workforce, buy this product.”

Laszlo Bock
Ex-Google Head of People
Author of Work Rules & founder of Humu

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