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Outcomes your team can achieve with Applied

Up to 4x attraction and selection of ethnically diverse candidates

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Traditional hiring would miss 60% of Applied hires

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Increase suitable candidates at interview stage by 3x

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96% first year retention rate (20% above average!)

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9/10 average candidate experience rating

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66% reduction in time spent hiring

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Join these innovative organisations debiasing their hiring.

Why should we care about biases?

Biases lead us to make less-than-perfect hiring decisions, meaning the best candidates can fall through the cracks.

Applied turns inclusive recruitment into a science. Our hiring software tests the real skills needed for each job, so you can eliminate bias and find your ideal candidate.

Uncover the best candidate by using the

most predictive


The Applied platform allows candidates to showcase their talent, giving hiring teams real insights by testing for skills required for the job.

Anonymised applications mean that you make judgements based on merit, revealing your top candidates based on their ability, not their background.

“In the incredibly crowded recruiting technology space, Applied is one of the only solutions that not only works, but works because the science is real. If you care about building a more competent and diverse workforce, buy this product.”

Laszlo Bock, ex-Google Head of People, author of Work Rules & founder of Humu

Real-time data reporting

Get both live and historic pipeline data to optimise your hiring workflows and understand which sources give your organisation the best-performing candidates.

Access diversity recruitment and candidate performance data for informed decisions on how to optimise your hiring process.



blind recruitment

platform for unbiased hiring.

🏗️ Build

Write and optimise inclusive job descriptions, build assessments and create scoring guides.

📣 Attract

Post your ad on the job sites that work best for you, using our job board analysis tools.

🧐 Review

The heart of Applied. Review candidates without bias using the Applied sift.

✂️ Shortlist + Feedback

Select top candidates and send all candidates automated, personal feedback with one click.

💬 Interview

Build, invite and host structured interviews without leaving the platform.

👍 Hire

With all the data automatically collated, this will be the easiest hiring decision you’ve ever made.

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Make data-driven hiring decisions by designing unconscious bias out of your recruitment process. Ask for a demo to see how Applied works.

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