To build the future of hiring, we must reckon with the past

Applied exists to help solve two complex and intertwined problems. The way companies hire today isn't just inefficient, it's unethical.

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Up to 4x attraction and selection of ethnically diverse candidates

Unconscious bias can take the form of ethnic or racial discrimination - just take a look at the Sandra Bauer case study.

By removing the opportunity for these biases to creep in, you’re able to consider candidates on merit alone. What’s more, when candidates realise that your process is fair, they’re more likely to throw their hat into the ring. Win win!

Traditional hiring would miss 60% of Applied hires

CVs are poor predictors of whether a candidate would be good at the job and often lead to hiring teams missing the most talented candidates.

In a randomised control trial, Applied found that 60% of hires made through the platform would have been missed in a traditional CV sift.

Reduce time spent interviewing unsuitable candidates

Want to know what it’s like to only interview candidates that have the skills for the job?

By assessing candidates on what matters up front, you’re more likely to have quality candidates at the end. In fact, hiring teams using Applied find that they have up to 3x as many suitable candidates than before.

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Why Applied?

Applied is on a mission to become the essential platform for unbiased hiring. We are founded on the knowledge, backed by years of research and data, that the very best candidates emerge when you remove the opportunities for bias to creep in.

Our platform is purpose-built to enable organisational accountability and fuel an enjoyable, fair experience for everyone in the talent ecosystem, from candidate to hiring manager.

Despite our best intentions, humans are less-than-perfect at making decisions. Studies show that the tools we have traditionally used to aid our decision-making — like CVs, unstructured interviews, and network connections — only exacerbate these embedded biases.

By anonymising applications, leveraging a skills-based methodology, and building transparency & analytics into every step of the process, our platform surfaces vital talent that would have otherwise been missed.

We're fueled by more than operational efficiency. Because when organisations courageously and intentionally alter the way they hire, they not only surface the very best candidates, they help usher in a world where everyone feels a sense of inclusion, equity, and belonging.

Candidates, see how we're using data science to level the playing field, giving you the confidence to uncover your true potential.

Employers, see how we turn your hiring teams into heroes by equipping them with the tools they need to make smarter, faster, more impactful decisions.

66% reduction in time spent hiring

We make the hiring process as efficient as possible, and Applied customers see the time they spend on recruiting drop by up to two thirds! That means you get to spend more time on what matters.

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93% retention rate after one year

Compared to a national average of ~80% across the UK, 93% of candidates hired through Applied are still in their job a year after joining.

9/10 average candidate experience rating

Across almost 500,000 applications, we’ve had a lot of feedback. We’re proud to say that employers and candidates alike love us. Read more about our customers here.

9/10 average candidate experience rating

Across over 150,000 applications, we’ve had a lot of feedback. We’re proud to say that employers and candidates alike love us. Read more about our customers here.

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Why Applied?

"With Applied in place, our hiring can be more strategic and focused. We can plan so that our recruitment is diverse and ensures we get the best people for the roles available."

Charlotte Hillenbrand
Executive Director of Digital & Innovation
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