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Customer Stories.

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Use Cases

We can't think of why you wouldn't want to use Applied, but here are the four main reasons why our customers love us.

Centre for Public Impact:
A BCG Foundation
This is so much better than the usual near-random CV screening.
Danny Buerkli
Programme Director
Penguin Random House
Applied’s simple process and scoring system allowed us to reach our shortlist in a totally objective way. As a result, we’ve met with and hired some brilliant candidates from outside of our industry
Ellie Harlow
Programme Director
2020 Delivery
We usually spend around 950 hours a year on recruitment. This year with Applied we reduced that to 330 hours. Remarkable
Katie Metselaar
Applied allows us to actively involve the whole team in recruitment, which gave them greater confidence in the selection process and the successful candidates.
John Craven

Quality of Hire

Bad hiring decisions are both costly and time consuming. This has lead to years of research to find ways to improve recruitment and reduce bad hire occurrences.

We built Applied using the most predictive forms of assessment to ensure you have all the tools to get the best person for the job, every time.

Streamlined Process

The traditional recruitment process is full of time-heavy activities that don't necessarily add value to applicants or hiring teams.

With a streamlined and fair approach to candidate assessment, you’ll be able to focus your time on the things that matter, ensuring you curate the best talent shortlist.

Diversity & Inclusion

We're very passionate about increasing diversity in the workplace and ensuring companies hire the best person for the role, regardless of their background.

There are several mechanisms built into the Applied platform to put this into practice, including blind reviewing, job board analysis, gender decoding and diversity reporting.

Candidate Experience

Not to brag, but candidates love us.

Our platform was built with candidate experience in mind with every candidate receiving automatic, useful feedback throughout the application.

Candidates also love that they get a sense of the role through work sample questions and get comfort from the fact that all applications will be assessed fairly.

What candidates using Applied say.

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