Penguin Random House hones in on candidate experience.

Nearly 60% of candidates have had a poor candidate experience, and 72% of those candidates shared that experience online or with someone directly. By adopting Applied’s recruitment platform Penguin Random House was scored an average of 8.66/10 for candidate experience from their applicants.

Penguin Random House (PRH) identified that if they wanted to attract a wider range of diverse candidates they would have to create a great candidate experience which is both fair and inclusive.

PRH used Applied to change its recruitment process by implementing a de-biased and data driven scoring system. By removing all the irrelevant details, all they were left with was the candidate’s skills and experience - the only thing that matters. Which in turn leads to candidates feeling like they are truly being judged for the skills, not proxies.

The most common reason why job seekers report having a negative recruitment experience is the lack of feedback. Applied provides automatic feedback to every applicant (yes, every applicant).

Applied also allows for constant and concise reporting of data on candidate experience, so PRH is able to keep a close eye and set targets on their candidate experience.

PRH Diversity Pledge:

“Our ambition is both for our new hires and the authors we acquire to reflect UK society by 2025. This means, we want out new authors and colleagues to be representative of the UK population, taking into account ethnicity, gender, sexuality, social mobility and disability.”

In 2018, over half of the candidates Penguin hired through Applied identified as non-white, showing that Penguin's commitment to diversity as well as using Applied to ensure the right person is selected for the role is paying dividends.

What candidates say (anonymous, but real!)

“It's a breath of fresh air and actually enjoyable to apply. I really feel like the general standard format to apply for jobs could do with some brushing up!”

“It was a really good experience applying to you especially with the anonymity clause because I feel like I would be given a fair chance not just be dismissed because of my gender, age, etc. Thank you for the opportunity.”

“It was far more engaging than other applications. As opposed to asking for a cover letter, and expecting the candidate to compliment the firm, Penguin's application was focused on the applicant, which I believe is far more effective in choosing the right person for the job as well as showing respect for candidates of all backgrounds.”
“Great application. The feedback is confidence-boosting as even when unsuccessful, you at least know your answers weren't completely rubbish.”


Penguin Random House is an American multinational conglomerate publishing company formed in 2013 from the merger of Random House and Penguin Group with over 2,000 employees across their London offices.

“It's a breath of fresh air and actually enjoyable to apply."

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