How to debias your recruitment


We're opening our (virtual) doors to small groups of attendees, helping them learn how to debias their organisation's hiring process.

The team at Applied has distilled years of behavioural science research into just a few hours so you can eliminate unconscious bias for fairer and more inclusive hiring.

Every Head of Talent, Chief People Officer and Head HR director who wants to understand the science of bias can, free of charge.


I thought this training was incredibly informative, impactful and interesting. Thank you so much!


Really grateful it wasn't a pitch - loved the mix of theory and practical takeaways. Great session!


I feel like there are some simple changes we can make to our process after your sessions today. Thank you so much!

USA Dates

Thursday 27th May
10am - 4:00pm (EDT)


Thursday 24th June
10am - 4:00pm (EDT)


UK + EU Dates

Thursday 17th June
9am - 3:00pm (GMT)


Australia Dates

Wed 19th May
10am - 4pm (AEST)


Wed 16th June
10am - 4pm (AEST)


What can you expect?

Understanding unconscious bias

What is it, how does behavioural science impact recruitment and how does unconscious bia training work?

Debiasing the Recruitment Process

How to debias job descriptions, screening processes and interviews

The power of data

How using data can drive forward your recruitment to hire the best candidates

Sourcing & assessing

How to get your team to sort and assess fairly but efficiently

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