How to debias your recruitment


We're opening our (virtual) doors to a small group of attendees to learn how to debias hiring processes.

The team at Applied has distilled years of behavioural science research into just a few hours so you can make your hiring process fairer and more inclusive.

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I thought this training was incredibly informative, impactful and interesting. Thank you so much!


Really grateful it wasn't a pitch - loved the mix of theory and practical takeaways. Great session!


I feel like there are some simple changes we can make to our process after your sessions today. Thank you so much!

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Thur 28th January 2021
10am - 5pm (US, EST)


Thur 11th February 2021
9am - 3:30pm (UK, GMT)


Tues 16th February 2021
10am - 4:30pm (US, EST)


In a full-day training sessions, a member of the Applied team will dive into the following areas of bias, recruitment and behavioural science:

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