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We're on a mission to eliminate unconscious bias from hiring. Regardless of size or industry, our customers use Applied to take the guesswork out of their hiring and make it fairer for all candidates. Read our customers' stories below.


"This was a very different experience to anything I have done before. I really enjoyed it as I was able to put on the hat of the position and answer accordingly. This gave me a great insight into what the experience would be like for me in the role."

"This is one of the best, fair, non discriminatory, fun, simple, and most efficient application process ever made in my last 30 year’s career."

"I never thought I'd say this about a job application experience, but man, this was wonderful. I hope it gets you who you're looking for."

"Really appreciated the option to answer specific skills questions rather than 100% based on a CV skim of key words."

"Very innovative and interesting application process. I found the process a beneficial thought exercise even if I don't get the job!"

"I think this has been by far the best job application I have been a part of. I genuinely believe that I will be fairly reflected as instead of just asking for a referral, you have asked for uniform answers to these questions. I wish more applications were like this."

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