The behavioural science-backed cognitive ability test

Mapped is an ethical, predictive way to test numerical, analytical and problem solving skills

Find genuine analytical and commercial skills

No filler. No irrelevant questions - Mapped was designed by people doing real analytical jobs in top consulting and finance firms. 

Cognitive ability tests are more more effective at predicting job performance than CVs, interviews, education and even job knowledge.

We worked with investment bankers, strategy consultants and behavioural scientists to build assessments that hone in on the critical skills needed for demanding analytical and commercial roles

Mapped's testing environment uses ground-breaking behavioural science to create a unique and level playing field, regardless of ethnicity, gender or socioeconomic background. 

Predictive high-volume hiring

Candidates answer 18 multiple choice questions in 30 mins. 

Mapped is not an easy test... it was built to identify the very best talent, compared to your typical cognitive ability test which tends to see most candidates achieve top score,

Mapped will assess:

  • Basic mathematical skills: for example percentages, calculus and orders of magnitude.
  • Data Interpreting: understanding the story in graphs and tables.
  • Analytical thinking: using available information to creatively solve problems.
  • Error spotting and attention to detail. Can candidates spot that extra zero or wrong calculation?

Mapped has been built from the ground with fairness at its core...

Why limit yourself to a small pool of candidates from specific universities or STEM backgrounds when you can test directly for the skills needed for the job - whilst still maintaining the highest possible standard of assessment.

Open up your roles to a more diverse set of candidates and spot hidden talent.

You’ll see the scores on your candidate list, so you can easily decide who to shortlist using objective, bias-free data.

Candidates will see their total test score on the personalised feedback link that you share with them.

Mapped is ideal for high-volume roles - make fast and fair shortlisting decisions with all the data you'll need to prove your process is accurate and ethical.

fewer hours spent interviewing

No bad hires. No time wasted on bad interviews.

Efficient high-volume hiring

Spend time reviewing only candidates who have the analytical skills needed for the job.

Built by experts

Mapped was designed to hone in on relevant, practical skills.

Genuinely enjoyable

Mapped is a breath of fresh air with varied and engaging questions. No tricks or excessively heavy charts.

"Not being a HR specialist, l found classical recruiting practices particularly fastidious and outdated. Applied has changed everything, I really don’t see myself using any other recruitment tool now."

Alenka Bonnard



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Mapped - Cognitive Assessment

Mapped is an ethical, predictive way to test numerical, analytical and problem solving skills

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