A fairer way to review CVs

Applied's CV Scoring Tool; simple, structured candidate screening

Cut through the noise by focusing on the skills needed for the job

Your typical CV screening is biased, boring and fails to accurately spot the best talent.

Names, faces, hobbies and other irrelevant information can negatively affect our judgment and even trigger biases.

100+ years of research is clear: standard CV reviews result in great talent being overlooked, bad hires being made and diversity staying stagnant.

However, if you're still working on transitioning away from CVs, hiring for a role beyond your expertise or looking to fill a critical senior role... sometimes CVs are necessary.

Use the CV Scoring Tool to make this process as objective and structured as possible.

By lazer-focusing on the things that are predictive of future job performance, you'll make better hires, with less bias.

An ethical, data-proofed process

Turn your candidate screening into a science...

Our Focus Questions are designed to hone in on exactly what you're looking for - so you can identify the best talent (with the data to prove it).

Looking for mission-driven candidates? Need someone who embodies your organisation's values? Choose from our library of questions or build your own to fit your specific needs.

For the most fair and accurate scores, you can assign team members to help you review CVs.

Invite your reviewers, score CVs and manage your candiate leaderboard to make data-driven shortlisting decisions, all without leaving the app.

reduction in time spent shortlisting candidates

Make more objective, unbiased hiring decisions


Shortlist candidates based solely on skills with all the data you need to make more objective decisions.


Skip the trivial details to find people who meet the criteria needed for the job - regardless of ethnicity, gender age etc.


The tool was built to be as straightforward as possible, so you can focus on what matters.

"We’ve loved the experience with Applied. It can be really tricky to handle high volumes like we get. Applied’s simple process allowed us to shortlist in an easy, totally objective way."

Ellie Harlow

Resourcing Manager

Penguin Random House

More Features

Structured Interviews

Accurately predict job performance using science-backed, data-driven interviews

Numerical Skills Test

Quickly identify numerical reasoning skills for high-volume roles

Mapped - Cognitive Assessment

Mapped is an ethical, predictive way to test numerical, analytical and problem solving skills

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