Turn your hiring assessments into a science

The Applied Sift is the single most predictive way to assess talent

Fair. Predictive. Fun.

Take the guesswork out of your hiring...

The Applied Sift is 3x more predictive than CVs - built specifically to identify talent in the most accurate, bias-free way possible.

The best person for the job often isn't who you think it is. That's why 60% of people hired through this process would’ve been missed in a traditional CV sift.

Use our library of behavioural science-backed work samples to test directly for the skills needed for the job.

By simulating the everyday tasks associated with the job, you can see exactly how candidates would think and work before they're offered the role.

Using predictive hiring assessments to screen talent means that you can spend less time interviewing - our customers tend to see 3x as many suitable candidates and cut their time spent hiring by up to 66%.

And the best part? Candidates will actually enjoy and recommend your process, with a 9/10 average candidate experience rating (including unsuccessful candidates!)

Simple, science-based assessments

The Applied Sift goes beyond the scope of your standard situational judgment test by simulating job-specific tasks through open-ended questions.

We take care of reducing biases - from faces and names through to lesser-known ordering effects - so all you have to do is score answers.

Want to improve diversity? Find better talent? Spend less time in Excel?

Here's how the Applied Sift can help:

  • Automatically anonymise candidates
  • Build your own job-specific questions
  • Or pick ready-made from our situational judgment test library.
  • Quickly create scoring criteria
  • Assign and track the progress of your review panel
  • Collate scores and generate candidate leaderboards
  • Report on diversity, quality and efficiency
  • Send automated, personalised feedback to unsuccessful candidates
increase in interview quality

Reliably predict future job performance

Behavioural science-approved

The Applied Sift was built on 100+ years of research and data, so you can reliably spot the best possible talent.


Improve attraction and selection of ethnically diverse candidates by 3-4x simply by removing bias.

5-star candiate experience

The reviews are clear: candidates genuinely appreciate being given a chance to showcase their skills

"I can categorically say Applied works. We reviewed CVs after we hired and there were some great hires that would not have been advanced based on their CV."

Julia Rabin

Project Lead

Future VC

More Features

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Numerical Skills Test

Quickly identify numerical reasoning skills for high-volume roles

Mapped - Cognitive Assessment

Mapped is an ethical, predictive way to test numerical, analytical and problem solving skills

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