Simple, predictive maths assessment

Quickly identify numerical reasoning skills for high-volume roles

Science-backed. Diversity-driven.

Narrow your candiate pool in the most efficient and predictive way possible...

The Numerical Skills Test was designed to assess candidates' numerical computation and reasoning skills.

Make bias-free, data-driven shortlisting decisions using assessments backed by behavioural science.

All of our numerical reasoning questions were specifically crafted to test practical skills required in the workplace.

The testing environment was designed with fairness at its core - so you can improve diversity, without compromising on candidate quality.

Is the Numerical Skills Test the right assessment for you?

  • Managing high-volume roles efficiently: As soon as a candidate completes the test, Applied calculates the scores for you so you can focus on shortlisting them for a next stage. 
  • Spotting numerical skills: Questions have been created with the help of employment psychologists and psychometric testing experts, to make sure you can spot the best talent for the skills you are looking for.
  • Encouraging diversity: The test environment embeds behavioural design principles, making the test-taking journey more enjoyable and addressing issues like stereotype threat or aversion to competitive environments.
  • Providing a great candidate experience: Candidates love to understand what the job they apply to entails and the transparency of receiving feedback and scores.

Effective and efficient high-volume hiring

Use the Numerical Skills Test to hone in on the skills that matter.

Candidates are given 30mins to answer 20 multiple choice (which can be extended for reasonable adjustments). 

The Numerical Skills Test covers:

  • Numerical computation: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, ratios, fractions, and decimals.
  • Numerical estimation: quickly and accurately making estimates of the answers to straightforward numerical questions.
  • Numerical reasoning: working out how to get an answer rather than simply being told what calculations to apply.
  • Data interpretation: looking at pie charts, line graphs, scatter plots, and tables to interpret answers to questions.

You’ll see their scores on your candidate hub as soon as candidates complete the test, taking the guesswork out of shortlisting.

Candidates will see their total test score via a personalised feedback link which will show them how they performed against the rest of the pool, and the skills they could improve for nest time.

increase in acceptance rates

A repeatable process for identifying genuine skills

High-volume made easy

All of the questions, scoring and feedback are automated so all you need to focus on is making the final shortlisting decision.

Questions built by experts

No filler questions or guesswork - our questions were created with experts to hone in on the practical skills needed for the job.

Designed for diversity

The Numerical Skills Test was built with fairness front and centre, to help improve diversity.

"We’re so happy about the enormous amount of labour we’ve taken out of the process. Before we’d have to build in 2 weeks to read all of the applications before we could invite anyone to interview. Now that’s 2 days."

Catherine Mulcahy

Chief Operating Officer


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