Take the guesswork out of interviews

Accurately predict job performance using science-backed, data-driven interviews

Turn your interviews into a predictive science

Turn your interviews into a predictive science by simulating real-life tasks that candidates would encounter should they get the job.

Why take chances when you can see exactly how candidates would think and work in the role?

Built using behavioural science, our structured interview feature allows you to conducts bias-free, skill-based assessments - with all the data you need to be confident you've hired the right person.

Make decisions using data, not gut instinct

Assign your reviewers, invite candidates and send reminders all without leaving the platform.

Every step of the process is tracked so that you can easily report on candidate quality, diversity and even the alignment of your team's scores.

Why use structured interviews?

  • Proven to be predictive than traditional interviews
  • Fair and ethical - every canditate has the same experience
  • More likely to hire from diverse array of backgrounds
  • Quantifiable hiring decisions - with candidates objectively ranked by score
improvement in gender diversity

A more ethical and empirical way to interview


We built our Structured Interviews to reduce bias and promote diversity


Our process was designed using behavioural science to pick out the best possible candidate, every time


Just read our reviews - candidates appreciate being given an opportunity to show what they can do and a real feel for the job.

More Features

Structured Interviews

Accurately predict job performance using science-backed, data-driven interviews

Numerical Skills Test

Quickly identify numerical reasoning skills for high-volume roles

Mapped - Cognitive Assessment

Mapped is an ethical, predictive way to test numerical, analytical and problem solving skills

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