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Lead the change with diversity initiatives that produce real outcomes. Do more than unconscious bias training.

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Unconscious bias training teaches awareness. It does not change behaviour.

There is a wealth of research that supports the lack of positive outcomes from unconscious bias training, including this paper in the Journal of Organizational Behavior stating there's "evidence to suggest that encouraging awareness of unconscious bias could hinder diversity initiatives."

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To make real impact, start with how you hire.

One area where humans are particularly prone to unconscious bias is when hiring. Focusing your resources on fixing your hiring process will have a much bigger (and more long-term) impact than any unconscious bias training.

Design bias out of your recruitment process

Unconscious bias doesn't disappear through good intentions or training, you have to design processes that guardrail against it.

The first step is to implement tools and systems designed to remove bias and help you make impartial decisions. Get started with our free guide here.

Download your de-biasing guide

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2-4x ethnically diverse candidates

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What is Applied?

Applied provides anonymous recruitment software specifically designed to remove unconscious bias from the hiring process.

With over 400,000 applications through the platform, teams are realising tangible impact within their organisations.

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