People will make or break your business...
So get smart with your recruitment

Scaling fast: how to get hiring right - a practical guide.

  • Know what you are looking for, get this right and it will save you time.
  • Employer branding is no longer just for large companies.
  • There is no compromise between speed, quality and diversity.

"For roles where an outstanding employee can be 25 times as productive as an average employee, why leave this down to the chance of a 6-10 second CV sift?
It's time to turn your recruitment process into a science."

What is this guide about?

Finding and hiring great people to join your team is hard. Particularly when time is of the essence, you're growing fast, bursting at the seams and need people yesterday.

Sadly, traditional recruitment processes aren't particularly helpful. They rely on antiquated methods, typically prioritise speed over quality of decision and then leave you no data to work out if you've actually hired successfully.

Hiring no longer has to be a compromise of speed over quality and diversity. In fact, by being smart about using data and technology, you can achieve all three and have the data to prove it.

This is our guide for those feeling those growing pains. Because we think your recruitment should be as innovative as your business is.

Download this free guide to learn how to make your hiring process:

Focused on getting the best talent for the role
An enabler of diversity
Efficient and productive
Data-driven, so that you can validate your efforts

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