What is Applied and How Can it Help Your Organisation?

Applied is the essential hiring platform to debias your recruitment. Our anonymous, predictive and skills-based approach is building the future of hiring.

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When we realised that hiring isn’t as ethical or as effective as it ought to be, we decided to build a platform that ensures organisations like yours get the best people, regardless of their background.

Attract more diverse candidates through anonymous hiring, predict the best candidates through skills-based assessments and save time through an efficient candidate management system.

Up to 4x attraction of ethnically diverse candidates

Traditional hiring would miss 60% of Applied hires

3x as many suitable candidates

93% retention rate after one year

9/10 average candidate experience


Anonymous Hiring Platform

The recruitment platform designed to help make the best decisions and improve diversity

Applied provides recruitment tools to reshape your hiring process. We distinguish ourselves from traditional applicant tracking systems by anonymizing candidates and removing unconscious bias from the process at every opportunity.

This gives leaders confidence that they can increase diversity and are hiring only the best candidates.

You can also optimize the entire recruitment process from start to finish to suit your organization's needs.

A set of data ranking interview candidates

Remove Biased Language

Craft inclusive job descriptions

The first step in transforming your entire recruitment process is to assess your job descriptions. To ensure the largest talent pool possible, consider whether the language you use is stopping people from applying.

Our job description analysis tool identifies examples of gender-biased language in your job posting and suggests alternatives and expert advice to help you attract more potential candidates.

Efficient candidate management

Build your job

By leveraging a skills-based methodology from the start, you're far more likely to attract job applications from the most qualified candidates.

Use our question library or tailor your own work-sample tests to assess the right skills.

Our software uses a guided build process for a streamlined approach to candidate management, so leaders can make better and faster hiring decisions.

Job Board Sourcing

Use data to source the best candidates

Applied uses an automated applicant tracking system to analyze the most effective job boards that help fill your candidate pipeline. Allocate your advertising spend for cost-effective talent acquisition, so you can focus your recruiting efforts and save money by only using tools that deliver consistent results.

Efficient and Predictive Shortlisting

Remove bias from the screening process

Instead of having job applicants submit a resume, our candidate assessment tool uses anonymised skills-based hiring. Candidates' answers are also randomized to remove bias from the hiring process.

Talent acquisition teams are given an intuitive platform for scoring responses, rich with analytics. Our talent management and applicant tracking system is based on years of research and behavioral science to remove bias from candidate interactions and ensure a fair recruitment process. Read more about our shortlisting process here.

Recruitment ATS Tools

Manage candidates and schedule interviews

So many recruiters are seeking an all in one talent acquisition platform to streamline the recruitment process, improve interview scheduling and maintain strong relationships with candidates.

With our all-in-one system, you can send invites, manage potential candidates, build questions, run the interview and score it without ever leaving the app. This not only simplifies candidate relationship management but also increases productivity for in-house recruitment teams.

Automation Recruiting Tools

A better way to hire better candidates

Your candidate leaderboard will be populated using your unbiased assessment data. Equipped with the right tools, you’ll find the best job applicants and ultimately make the best hiring decisions.

Traditional methods can often create a one-sided approach to candidate relationship management. All candidates are given automated, tangible feedback on their experience — unlike most interviews. They love the process and see how we're trying to level the playing field.

Data Driven Reporting

Analyze live pipeline reports

Without a centralized approach to applicant tracking, there’s a risk that your recruiting efforts are not as efficient or well-informed as they could be.

With our platform you can access and download diversity and performance data at any time, helping you to make informed decisions on how to optimize the recruiting funnel.

The typical hiring process

Typical companies encounter problems throughout the entire recruitment process. It is inefficient and unethical.

Unanalyzed job postings are mass distributed to dozens of platforms, driving down the overall candidate quality..

If you make it through the resume sift, you might have a 15-minute phone call at best.

Resumes and unstructured interviews are examples of processes particularly susceptible to bias.

Years of experience and education are not good indicators of skill. Sifting through CVs is an administrative burden that you could likely do without.

Halfway through the entire process, you might engage with your first real indicator of skill.

A quick "gut feeling" meeting with the boss to see if you fit the "company culture".

And lastly, reference checks — are a notoriously poor predictor of performance.

Too many potential candidates are cast aside for outdated, arbitrary reasons.

Push back against conventional hiring that perpetuates systemic biases. Use Applied and give candidates a fair chance no matter what their background.

Save time and still find high-quality, mission-aligned candidates to help your organisation achieve its vision.

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