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How removing unconscious bias with Applied leads to more ethical, empirical and predictive hiring.

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4 ways we're building the future of hiring for nonprofits

Trusted by Nonprofits

We work with over 60 nonprofit organisations to help them make smarter, more predictive hiring decisions.

How? By implementing changes based on behavioural science and data we anonymise the hiring process. We're proven in improving the quality of hires and helping retain good staff for longer.

Driven by purpose

Our ethical hiring platform removes unconscious bias from the process. We help you assess candidates on skills alone, regardless of background.

Our moral purpose aligns with many nonprofits' own values, helping to find the best talent no matter what someone's gender, ethnicity or education is.

Solving the hiring challenges you face

We understand the problems nonprofits face when it comes to hiring. Using Applied sees 4x as many ethnically diverse candidates.

Our skills-based hiring process results in mission-aligned candidates, less likely to leave. 93% of Applied hires remain in role after a year, compared to an average of 80%.

Special rates to give you more value for money

We understand that budgets can be challenging for nonprofits and, in some circumstances, we can offer special rates because we want to help you make your hiring more ethical, empirical and efficient.

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How Applied helped London Sport increase ethnic diversity among candidates by 50%

London Sport, a charity whose goal is to make London a healthier and physically active city, explain how using Applied improved their hiring.

Working with Applied...

"It can be so easy to dismiss technology that can help when you’re a small team with limited budgets, but we quickly found out it ‘cost’ us around 1.5 days of collating and anonymising data for every hire."

Chris Anderson

Head of Grants & Governance

London Sport

The essential hiring software that delivers debiased hiring

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Increased conversion rate from candidate to hire.

100% employee retention from Applied hires.

Increase in ethnically diverse candidates and hires.

Reducing gender imbalance, increasing male candidates at final interview from 8% to 27%

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We offer a faster way to find quality, diverse talent by removing unconscious bias across the entire hiring process.

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