Build the future of hiring with an ethical and efficient recruitment platform.

Push back against conventional hiring that perpetuates systemic biases. Recruitment software that predicts the best candidates and creates the best teams.
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A hiring system that helps remove bias

We are at a turning point
We know the traditional ways of hiring are not perfect. Companies are likely to experience inequality and inefficiency across their entire recruitment process.

A reckoning for resumes
Too many qualified candidates are let down by flawed signifiers such as resumes. To move forward, we must apply science over speculation and insights over gut instincts.

An all-in-one recruitment platform for debiased hiring

Applied is the essential platform to help you make the best hiring decisions. Our recruiting software uses research and data-driven methodology and is built with purpose; finding the highest quality candidates, mitigating systemic inequalities and taking the guesswork out of your company's talent acquisition and business growth.

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Data-driven. Research-based.

Push back against conventional wisdoms and accepted recruitment practices with a smarter way. Applied provides recruiting tools to reshape your hiring process, so you can find your ideal candidate the first time.

We distinguish ourselves from traditional applicant tracking systems by anonymizing our candidates. This gives leaders confidence that they are making hiring decisions based purely on skills and creating an even playing field for all job applicants. Access diversity recruitment reports, performance data and insights on your candidate pool, for informed decisions on how to optimize the entire recruitment process from start to finish.

Change that counts

When organizations courageously and intentionally alter their hiring behavior, they produce the best teams. This ultimately helps usher in a collective world where everyone can feel a sense of inclusion, equity, and belonging.

Our platform delivers real business impact:

  • Up to 4x attraction and selection of ethnically diverse candidates
  • Traditional hiring processes would miss 60% of Applied hires
  • 3x as many suitable candidates - less time reviewing unsuitable applicants
  • 96% retention rate after one year by matching candidates with their perfect role
  • 9/10 average candidate experience rating including unsuccessful applicants
A set of data ranking interview candidates

“In the incredibly crowded recruiting technology space, Applied is one of the only solutions that not only works, but works because the science is real. If you care about building a more competent and diverse workforce, buy this product.”

Laszlo Bock, ex-Google Head of People, author of Work Rules & founder of Humu

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platform for debiased hiring

Applied is the essential talent acquisition platform for debiased hiring, so you can focus all of your time and resources on recruitment activities that consistently source high calibre candidates.

🏗️ Sourcing

Job boards to help fill and monitor your pipeline for effective candidate management using our sourcing analysis tools.

📣 Attraction

Source talent using inclusive and accessible job adverts. Use online skills tests and scoring guides to fine-tune candidate assessments, so you can identify the best applicants.

🧐 Assessment

No resumes, just relevant, skills-based questions; anonymized and randomized to remove bias from the hiring process and streamline your recruiting efforts.

✂️ Shortlisting

Debiased using science. Hiring teams are given an intuitive applicant tracking platform rich with analytics to track their recruiting funnels.

💬 Interview

Structured to debias candidate communication and remove groupthink, use a single intuitive platform to schedule and run interviews for effective candidate engagement 

👍 Hire

Offer personalized candidate relationship management with automated, tangible feedback, resulting in the best possible experience for all applicants. 

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