Structured Interview Questions: The Ultimate Playbook

Structured interview questions (or work samples) are the most predictive form of assessment you can use.

No assumptions. No biases. Reliably identify genuine talent using scenario-based interview questions designed to test directly for the practical skills needed for the job.

Structured interview questions simulate parts of the job so you can see exactly how candidates would think and work in the role.

Download your free resource

Download your free resource

All of the questions included in The Playbook have been used by real organisations.

Roles include:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • HR
  • Product
  • Engineering
  • Administration

Why use structured interview questions?


Structured interview questions have been proven to be the most accurate way to assess talent.


Testing for skills without background questions results in 3-4x more ethnic minority hires.


Every candidate gets a fair chance to showcase their skills - this is why we have a 9/10 average candidate experience rating.