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October 21, 2020
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The Applied team are finally invited to the Applied Community Webinar! Usually we just give the research and guidance with no reference to the Applied Platform at all. This time we will be talking through in detail the why and how of the platform for those who are interested in a lot of detail.

The Applied platform is a way of debiasing your recruitment processes, and making your hiring fair, diverse and truly data driven.

170,000 candidates have passed through the platform and 7000 have been hired. The results are

- 3-4 more People of Colour hired
- 50% increase in female tech hires
- 2/3 reduction in business hours spent hiring
- 3x increase in interview in offer rate
- 96% Stay >1 year and pass probation (UK average 80%)
- 60% Hired (i.e. the best candidates) would not have been found with CV's
- Average 9/10 average candidate experience rating across 170,000 applications

What the Experts say

“In the incredibly crowded recruiting technology space, Applied is one of the only solutions that not only works, but works because the science is real.

If you care about building a more capable and diverse workforce, buy this product.”

Laszlo Bock, ex-Google SVP of People Operations, Author of Work Rules!

What the Customers say

“We’ve been able to build a much richer picture of our talent pool by focusing on passion and skills…Candidates love being assessed this way (even when they don’t get the job!). It’s very likely that many of our best candidates through Applied wouldn’t have passed a CV-sift. In a tight talent market, we simply can’t afford to lose quality candidates before we’ve even tested what they can do.”

Tom Broerse, Head of Engineering, 99designs

What the Candidates say

“When I saw [the process] would be blind I was much more inclined to apply for the role. I felt my CV alone wouldn’t do me justice” and blinded sift questions “allowed me to express my passion for the role in a way a CV never would.”

Shruti Saujani, City Program Manager, ECB

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