Decoded: How to write the perfect job description

March 25, 2020
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Did you know? Women only tend to apply for jobs when they meet 90%+ of the criteria, but men will apply when they meet just 60%.

Or, what if we told you that years of experience is actually a terrible predictor of whether someone’s good at their job?

Words matter… and if you want to attract a large candidate pool, you need to use them wisely.

How many requirements you list, the phrases you use and even the word count of your job description can have a serious impact on who applies.

Find out how you can use behavioural science to grow your candidate pool and create high converting job descriptions…

About Applied
We’re a London-based tech startup on a mission to make hiring fairer and more inclusive using behavioural science.

By understanding how the human brain makes decisions, you can determine which words put people off applying for jobs, how many words are too many and even the ideal number of requirements to maximise applications.

Attracting a big, talented pool of candidates may sound like an art form… but we want to help you turn it into a science.

When is the event?
Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What to expect
We’ll be sharing our insights on how to write more inclusive job descriptions, based on hours of original research and heaps of data.

The webinar will cover:
*The impact wording can have on applications
*How to optimise your job ads for diversity
*What ‘gendered language’ is all about and how to avoid it
*How to list requirements, benefits etc for more conversions

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This event has ended. See more events here

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