Mental Health in the Workplace - Keeping your staff happy and well in the age of covid

July 29, 2020
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Helping your staff stay healthy and happy is top of mind for the best organisations, and it's never been more of a challenge.

Join Keji Mustapha (Head of Network & Brand at Connect Ventures), and Vessy Tasheva (founder of, Strategic D&I and Culture Services) as they discuss with Applied what businesses can, should and will do to support the mental health of their employees both in the current context and in the normal (ish) world.

As always a mixture of the theoretical and interesting, with the practical core tips you can take back to your business.

Name: Keji Mustapha

Pronouns: she/her

Title: Head of Network & Brand at Connect Ventures

Keji is Head of Network & Brand at Connect Ventures - a pan-European Seed Stage fund based in London, backing product-led founders. At Connect, Keji is responsible for all things brand relating to the firm, and on the network side of things, focuses on thinking through the best ways to help great founders grow into great leaders; and scale their companies from MVP to PMF as quickly as possible. In addition to her work at Connect, Keji serves as a mentor to female founders and leaders, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds. Keji was recently included in the Financial Times list of Top 100 Influential BAME Leaders In Tech (2019).

Name: Vessy Tasheva

Pronouns: she/they

Title: Founder of (Strategic D&I and Culture Services), Mental Health & Anti-Racism Advocate

Vessy Tasheva is the founder of, culture and D&I consultancy, operating from Dublin with clients across Europe and North America. Within 12 months of launching her company, Vessy started working with the likes of Soundcloud, Looker, Contentful, and Zalando.

Vessy authored two editions of her independent international Diversity in the Workplace Report (2019 edition featuring 10 companies from 10 countries: and 2020 edition featuring 10 companies from 10 industries: Vessy was named by Hive Learning as one of 2019’s most influential D&I Leaders globally. In April 2020 Vessy launched a video course on Inclusive Leadership on SocialTalent, learning platform, where the course ranked as #2 in the Most Watched course for the month of May.

In the last 10 years, Vessy has worked as Chief Strategy Officer of a talent tech startup, as well as in various roles across product, marketing, and culture in companies between 4 and 800 employees.

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