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The choice of words leaders and hiring managers to craft job descriptions may feel fair and inclusive but it may include instances of gendered wording. This means that a job posting could be open to unconscious bias and exclude qualified candidates.

Applied's gender decoder tool removes any language that is subject to unconscious bias and offers gender-neutral alternatives to fill gaps in your talent pool.

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Filling the gender talent gap

Scrutinising job descriptions is the first step to ensuring gender equality in the hiring process. For example, research has shown that women tend not to apply for roles unless they meet 100% of the criteria, compared to 60% for men. If you’re struggling to find suitable female candidates, it could be that you are listing too many requirements in your job description.

Many traditional hiring methods, including job descriptions, have a coded bias towards male job seekers and therefore hinder efforts to create an inclusive working environment. It’s time for a new, data-driven and ethical approach that addresses the gender imbalance seen across a range of industries, whilst also helping businesses source skilled and valuable talent from a wide pool of candidates.

Examples of gender bias in job descriptions

Have you ever put the word out that you’re looking for a ‘hacker’, a ‘guru’ or ‘rockstar?’ Do you frequently use words such as ‘lead’, ‘analyse’, ‘competitive’, ‘active’ or confident’ in your job descriptions? 

If so, then chances are that your job applications have a hidden gender bias. All of the above terms are classic examples of masculine-coded language. By showing an implicit preference for male candidates, studies have shown that using these types of words reduce the number of applications of women. By removing gender bias from your job descriptions and using inclusive language, you can boost your diversity hiring efforts and increase the likelihood of finding your ideal candidate.

The impact of gender-neutral job descriptions

We’ve researched the impact of biased language and gender-neutral job descriptions on the overall hiring process. Here are a few insights into how our decoder tool could close the gender gap in your talent pool:

Gender-neutral job descriptions lead to a 49:51 ratio of male to female applications.

By using feminine-coded words in job descriptions, you are 1.4x more likely to hire a female with feminine-coded job descriptions.

Removing gender bias from your job descriptions could increase the volume of applications by 10-15%

Create Inclusive Job Descriptions with Applied

Our gender decoder tool analyses your job advert to detect instances of gender-coded language. It then offers alternative wording, so you can be confident that your choice of language isn’t reducing your candidate pool. Get guidance on readability and accessibility, so you can stop relying on buzzwords or convoluted jargon and reach as many qualified people as possible.

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Applied has created an all-in-one recruitment software that levels the playing field for applicants and utilises a data-driven, skills-based approach so leaders can find their perfect candidate.

We use methods inspired by behavioural science and predictive analysis to remove unconscious biases from the hiring process. Leaders can improve the candidate experience and create an inclusive workforce, whilst saving money on outdated hiring practices and “box-ticking” diversity initiatives.

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