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Applied gives you research-backed hiring tools to hire the best tech talent on their skills and merits, not their background.

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Uncover 60% more candidates

Over half of the successful candidates hired through Applied wouldn't have got a look-in with your old-fashioned CV process. Focusing on skills and ability results in you hiring candidates that can best do the job, regardless of how they got there.

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Developers do more than code

As you know, being a great developer takes more than just coding ability. So why not use a hiring tool that tests the crucial skills needed? Asses the skills that matter to you and your team (including coding ability!) with Applied.

Don't scare top talent away

8 hour take home tests are driving talent away and whiteboarding is excluding others. Assess candidates on what actually matters.

A two stage hiring process with Applied

Stage one:

  • Work sample questions give candidates a taste of what the role entails and hiring teams a solid insight into the candidate’s approach.
  • Code to review provides candidates with code (that might not quite work and seeing if/how they fix it as well as the way they consider other factors when reviewing code.

Stage two:

  • Paired programming tasks allow you to assess technical ability, see how candidates work with others and understand how they approach problems.
  • Structured interviews (including real issues your team faces) are super predictive. Let candidates Google and talk through problems - because that's how the real world works.

Diversity isn't a compromise

You’ve heard it before but we’ll say it again. Diverse teams perform better.

That’s a problem in an industry where over 70% of tech teams are made up of men.

Fortunately diversity is in Applied's DNA. Our recruitment software is proven to increase diversity by removing unconscious bias from the hiring process.

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