A Guide to Choosing Your New Recruitment Management System

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Joe Caccavale
December 16, 2022
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For many companies, a talent acquisition process is one of the first things that becomes established. Carefully-selected employees are vital cogs in an organisation’s wheel, no doubt, but the unfortunate result of an age-old recruiting process is that some of these processes are no longer recognised (or even deemed acceptable) in the modern corporate world.

New recruitment software is everywhere now, with companies taking advantage of data-led testing, analytics and AI-powered applicant tracking systems. And, while for some, an updated recruitment system seems like the natural next step, others face the challenging hurdle of choosing between seemingly countless recruitment software options. 

So, if you’re looking to find the best recruitment management system for your organisation, allow us to guide you through our exploration of some of the key benefits you should be aware of before you make a final decision.

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What is a recruitment management system?

A recruitment management system (RMS) is a tool used to assist in the management of the hiring process within an organisation. While in the past, companies would simply review the resumes of potential candidates and choose their favourite, now there are more elements of the process for companies to consider: candidate experience, performance management and diversity are just a few examples - but we’ll go into that later.

There can be a number of varying features within recruitment management systems, with some dealing with requirements end-to-end (including de-biasing job descriptions) and others focussing more closely on the applicant tracking system (ATS) elements and general management of the process. But, whether you need support with job postings, talent management or visibility of data and analytics, there will be many suitable recruitment management systems for you to choose from. The question is: which is most appropriate for your organisation’s needs?

Well, the recruitment management system you choose will largely depend on your business goals overall, and more specifically, your key hiring needs. For example, perhaps you are starting a large hiring drive and looking for candidates within a niche sector. You might be looking to future-proof your talent sourcing and stand out from competitor job ads on LinkedIn. Maybe your main goal is to improve employee retention rates, or start actively hiring through social media. Whatever your goals or needs, the right recruitment system is within reach. So, let’s talk about how you can find it. 

7 Benefits of Applied’s recruitment management system

Applied’s recruitment management software is a predictive tool that helps you source the best candidates, as fairly as possible. Our new recruitment software takes away any trace of potential unconscious bias, allowing companies to hire ethically and source talent from larger pools of suitable candidates. Learn more about the individual benefits to our recruitment software below and how they can apply to your hiring goals as an organisation.

1. Reduces bias in candidate sourcing

With Applied, you can transform your recruiting process into one that is fully anonymised and inclusive. We’ve built our entire offering on a foundation of integrity, helping you completely reduce bias in candidate sourcing and keep candidate experience in mind every step of the way. Applied’s software, as a technology, identifies the most appropriate potential candidates by assessing responses to skills testing rather than personal achievements and past experiences that would usually be listed on a resume. This means that the information displayed to hiring managers and other decision makers is directly relevant to the advertised position, thus levelling the playing field and encouraging more informed hiring decisions to be made. 

2. Increases recruitment productivity

We all know that recruitment can be an extremely taxing and time-consuming process, but with a software collecting all the data for you, it doesn’t have to be. Choose from a number of predictive and research-backed pre-hire assessments to begin narrowing down your list of potential candidates, and prepare to make a better decision in much less time. Applied’s features include CV scoring, automated, structured interviews and automated candidate feedback - among many other time-saving tools.

3. Facilitates better communication and efficiency

From the very beginning of the hiring process right through to interviews; efficiency and communication are vital, and can say a lot about your company. The Applied software can support you in creating a descriptive and unbiased job description, meaning you’ll benefit from seeing a much wider and more appropriate pool of candidates right from the off. Plus, you’ll have a clear, concise view on the platform of all of your candidates, their scoring on given tasks and their overall performance and ranking according to these scores. 

When it comes to communication, Applied allows you to personalise and automate your comms across the candidate pool, providing editable email templates to further increase your recruitment efficiency as well as the value of the experience for your applicants. 

With the right recruitment agency offering data-led recruitment support and easy automations, you can give potential employees an exceptional candidate experience that will translate to seamless onboarding if they’re successful. 

4. Streamlines candidate data

Nowadays, navigating your way through hundreds of resumes is no way to approach recruiting. As an ambitious business looking for the top talent, you need a way to streamline data and reduce your time to hire. Live data reporting will give you the clarity you need to recruit the very best talent, with a view of how candidates perform at every stage of the process, from the numeric and cognitive assessments to the structured interviews. 

Applied’s software offers an all-in-one solution to candidate performance management; across your organisation, you can manage your applicants for multiple roles and view all applicant data in one collaborative platform and central dashboard. Through this, you can even manage your internal hiring team, their individual tasks and your budget.

5. Automates the recruiting process

A new system often promises time savings and better organisation, but just how much of the recruitment process can be automated? Well, with Applied, you can:

  • Automatically post your ads to the biggest job boards
  • Automate candidate comms
  • Automate internal reminders for your hiring team
  • Automatically schedule interviews and invite candidates to them
  • Automatically provide feedback for all candidates

Having the right recruitment system will not only save you time with automations - you’ll make much more efficient talent management decisions by having key performance data at your fingertips, and, by providing a highly valuable experience for applicants, you’ll be sure to see top talent among your future candidates.

6. Improves overall quality of hires

Having a system in place that, over time, can provide an accurate representation of how suitable each candidate is for your role, is, naturally, the key to securing quality hires. 

No matter what the role, Applied can craft tests that are completely aligned with the kinds of skills you will be looking for in your applicants. Numbers-based testing, highly relevant cognitive assessments and even interview questions can all be generated via our smart software, where results can also be easily monitored. Following a consistent skills testing and tracking process, as a hiring manager, you’ll have a clear view of exactly how each candidate is performing against the job requirements - completely avoiding any risk of unconscious bias in the process.  

Using Applied, you’ll be increasing your quality of hires right from the very beginning of the process. The job description tool can support you in creating entirely gender neutral and unbiased advertisement of your job role, and by positioning your business as one that is focussed on integrity and diversity when it comes to hiring, you will likely get a more suitable pool of applicants in the first place. 

7. Increases candidate diversity

Backed by years of research, Applied’s testing functionalities and data management tools promise unrivalled diversity. We use end-to-end diversity tracking which allows our clients to build truly ethical hiring processes with the candidates - the people - at the forefront. 

What key features are needed in a recruitment management system?

For those looking for a full-scale, end-to-end recruitment management system, there are a number of vital features that should make the ‘must-have’ list. Below, we outline a few of our favourites:

Bias-removing software

Completely fair talent acquisition begins with taking away the risk of unconscious bias. Anonymous applications, inclusive job descriptions and other bias-removing tools can ensure recruiters are completely unaware of any potential bias triggers, allowing for a completely fair and inclusive process. Applied goes a step further, providing live data insights across all aspects of diversity throughout the process.

Simplicity and efficiency

Companies are often looking for a more efficient way to manage recruiting, and only with smart integrations and automations can this be made possible. Make sure your recruitment management system can facilitate job board integrations, and that it offers a portfolio of email templates to make communications simpler to manage. You may also benefit from a clear questions library that you can use to create job-specific skills assessments. 

Skills-focussed assessment management

One of the most beneficial elements of a recruitment management system is the unbiased, skills-focussed assessments, tracking and ranking. Work-sample questions, numeric and cognitive assessments and skill-based, structured interview questions can be up to 3x more predictive than CVs. And, with a central dashboard, you’ll have a clear view of the top performers according to your criteria. With some recruitment management systems, you can also build on the predictability and effectiveness of your skills assessments over time, by analysing the accumulating data and identifying the best-performing questions. 

Choose Applied for fairer, predictive recruitment

At Applied, we’re proud to have created a hiring software built on behavioural science and with inclusivity at its core. Reduce bias, save time, cut costs and transform your hiring process into one that is completely future-proof. 

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