Meet Our New CEO Khyati Sundaram

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Khyati Sundaram
April 21, 2020
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Today is an exciting day for me. It reminds me of my first day as a start-up founder five years ago, as I was awestruck with a dream of building my own company that would supersede all other dreams. It is humbling that I have another shot at building a truly purpose-driven company with Applied. Many people and companies aspire to change the world, very few get the opportunity and even fewer have all the ingredients in place - talent, tech and true grit. For those of you who have worked closely with our team, you will know that what brings us all together is that each of us has found meaning in our work here at Applied.

We have recently announced Kate Glazebrook’s transition into the role of the CSO, and she will continue to serve on the Board of Directors, and with that change, I am taking over as CEO. Having had the opportunity to lead Applied’s Product team for the last year, along with the opportunity to work alongside Kate, this is a natural transition for us as a company and as a product solution. We have seen great success and record growth, but we are hungry to do more, much more.

In our early days, our mission was to solve the inequalities in the labour market, and while that mission remains very true to us, today we have broadened it to help people make better and smarter decisions. Rooted in its evidence in behavioural science, Applied is one of the few tools that can overhaul how people decisions are taken at a team, a company or even a nation-level. And I am so proud to be leading this journey into the future. Within the context of hiring tools, we are one of the fastest-growing companies, and over the past year, we have tripled our revenues and customers. The legacy of this success has much to do with the talent at Applied - It’s not a surprise that the Applied way of hiring really works in delivering the best results and helping you build the most successful teams.

Paraphrasing the words of Michael Dell, you need a framework and a dream to be successful. We believe in Applied’s purpose to give you both the dream to have the best company and the best people in it in conjunction with the framework to guide you to that goal. Ongoing, we resolve to work together as ONE Applied; a purpose-driven and cohesive team, with an extreme focus on our people, our customers and our shareholders. And as the new CEO, I am excited to be supporting this journey.

Khyati Sundaram