FREE Template: Here's our remote work survey

Published by:
Joe Caccavale
March 18, 2020
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Events cancelled.

Offices empty.

Meetings moving to Zoom.

We know that the next few months will be challenging for HR folk, so we thought we'd share our remote working survey, to help lighten the load.

Use this to ensure your team have everything they need to stay happy, healthy and productive.

This is the same survey that was sent out to the Applied Team - the version below is editable so feel free to update with your own branding and questions.


Collect responses using Google Sheets

If you head to the 'RESPONSES' tab, you'll be able to collect your teams answers in a sheet, to give you an overview of who needs help with what. Just hit the Google Sheets icon to create a sheet, which should look something like this...

Use conditional formatting to follow the standard risk classification colour codes. And be warned: your dear colleagues may give some funny answers.

Or, use our complete risk assessment form

We adapted our survey from the long term risk assessment form we'd usually use for fully remote team members. If you’d prefer to use the full form in all its glory, you can download it below.


Psst... For more useful templates and guides, feel free to browse our resources.