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About the role

Digital Marketers are generally responsible for responsible for using an organisation's digital platforms to promote, market and sell their services or product to potential customers.

Most Digital Marketing roles require strong web development skills and an ability to experiment and analyse data. Whilst the specifics of the role may vary from company to company, duties usually include managing the websites and paid marketing campaigns - Digital Marketers may also be responsible for creating and distributing content, depending on the size of the team.

Digital marketer responsibilities

  • Driving new acquisitions through paid digital campaigns
  • Assessing the performance of marketing channels and optimise performance across all acquisition channels
  • Planing, executing and measuring experiments and conversion tests across the organisation's website
  • Working on emails, nurturing and social campaigns
  • Developing and implement SEO and PPC strategies

What skills should you be looking for?

Web development
Inbound marketing
Data analysis
Question 1

In your own words, can you explain how you understand the term ‘inbound marketing’?

Inbound Marketing
Question 2

Imagine you were to start this role tomorrow and you were given the objective of increasing the number of people converting on our website. Can you talk us through what your first experiment would be? Why? What additional data would you need?

Web development
Question 3

Customers can use our website to request a demo or start a free trial of our product.You look at this month’s Google Analytics data; web traffic is growing but the free trial request conversion rates are decreasing.

In particular, you can see that large numbers of users are viewing the form page but very few of them are actually filling it in and going through the trial.What could be the possible reasons for this? Describe an A/B website test that you would run to test your hypothesis.

Web development
Data analysis
Question 4

Given the information you have about Company X so far, from a digital marketing perspective, can you talk to us through 3 growth actions/tactics you would implement or look at straight away and why?

Inbound Marketing
Web development
Data analysis
Question 5

You are running a PPC campaign, the CPC for the best performing ad keeps going up in price, why could this be happening? What would you do?

Data analysis
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