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These HR Manager interview questions have been designed to help you accurately identify the best possible candidate for your organisation.

HR Managers are responsible for planning and directing the administrative functions of an organisation. An HR Manager will tend to consult with executives on strategic planning, acting as a link between management and employees. Depending on the size and structure of the organisation, they may also be in charge of overseeing recruiting, interviewing and hiring of new employees.

HR manager responsibilities

  • Hiring new employees
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Helping to resolve any workplace conflicts 
  • Developing HR strategies that are aligned with the organisation’s mission and goals
  • Overseeing compensation and benefits 
  • Maintaining employee and workplace privacy

What skills should you be looking for?

Strategic thinking
Conflict resolution
Change management
Question 1

You have identified a problem in a current HR process within the organisation. You have limited experience in this area but are keen to resolve the issue, how would you go about improving the process with your current capabilities?

Strategic thinking
Question 2

It is the last hour of your working day before the weekend and the tasks below are still on your to-do list:

  • Post a job advert on our recruitment system (the manager has provided the content)
  • Prepare four contract variation letters (the effective dates are Monday)
  • Right to Work check for a new employee joining the organisation on Monday
  • Several queries from different employees about annual leave balances appear to be inaccurate in the system
  • A colleague has emailed to say they would like to have a chat with HR (giving no details)
  • Contact three shortlisted job applicants to invite them to interview on Wednesday next week

Please describe the approach you would take to managing these competing priorities. Which one or two would you choose to address immediately and why?

Strategic thinking
Question 3

You have been put in charge of implementing a new environmentally friendly initiative which promotes having a paperless office. Senior management fully supports the initiative as they believe that it will lead to increased efficiency. However, the wider organisation has expressed some reluctance to this change taking place. How would you ensure that the initiative is implemented effectively?

Strategic thinking
Change management
Question 4

A new change has been announced in relation to employment law. Explain how you will ensure you will know this and what your likely next actions will be.

Strategic thinking
Question 5

A new employee will be joining the company next week. What things would you need to inform them of and check are in place before their arrival to ensure a smooth onboarding process?

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