Marketing Manager Interview Questions

Marketing managers are responsible for seeing the everyday marketing activities, as well as organising larger campaigns to raise awareness and generate demand. Depending on the size of the team, a Marketing Manager's day-to-day could include a broad range of activities such as analysing metrics, strategy planning, designing or crafting copy. Marketing Managers need to be creative, analytical and possess strong organisation skills.


Strategic thinking
Creative thinking
Question 1

You look at this month’s Google Analytics data; web traffic is growing but conversion rates are decreasing. In particular, you can see that large numbers of users are viewing the key conversion page (imagine it has a form on it) but very few of them are actually filling it in and becoming leads.

What could be the possible reasons for this? Describe an A/B website test that you would run to test your hypothesis.

Question 2

Prioritising what to work on in marketing can be overwhelming as there are so many good ideas and only limited resources and time. Which 2 items in the below list would you prioritise based on the data provided for each, with the aim of increasing leads in the short term. In your answer, explain your reasoning:

1) Bring in a contract content writer to double the number of blogs (current blogs: 5,000 visitors, 2% conversion to leads)

2) Double the investment in GoogleAds PPC campaigns (current PPC: 700 visitors, 1% conversion to leads)

3) Increase the social media post cadence from 3x/week to 6x/week (current SM: 800 visitors, 2.5% conversion to leads)

4) Re-brand the website (current website: 20,000 visitors, 2% conversion to leads)

Strategic thinking
Question 3

Imagine the Marketing Team has had a really hard month. Almost all metrics are down (website visitors, leads, resource downloads). You know that this is mostly due to market forces beyond your control and you're confident that the great work that the team has done will pay dividends in the coming months. What do you say to your team to motivate them? (you don't have to give a speech, talking through how you would approach is okay too).

Question 4

Building our brand is critical to our growth plans, however, we can’t succeed unless our colleagues are kept up to date and involved in our initiatives and campaigns. How would go about keeping the wider organisation in the loop with Marketing’s plans?

Question 5

Given everything you know about our organisation, our growth so far and the audience we’re trying to reach, what are the first three things you would do in your first few months if you were hired for this position? (Other than getting to know the organisation and your team).

Strategic thinking
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