Project Manager Interview Questions

Project managers are generally responsible for planning, organising, and directing projects on behalf of their organization. Their job is to ensure projects are complemented on time, on budget, and to the necessary standard. Project manager roles require people skills to manage both stakeholders and team members as well as organisational and problem-solving skills.


Delivering at pace
Time management
Stakeholder managment
Problem solving
Question 1

After a few months of project execution, your main contact from the client’s side has changed. The project is ending in three weeks... what risks would you consider? What would you do to ensure a successful wrap-up of this project?

Stakeholder management
Problem solving
Question 2

What are the 3 key metrics you would use to measure the success of a technology solution and its implementation?

Please outline why you prioritised these metrics, how you would measure these metrics, and what steps would you take to address any ongoing project issues highlighted by monitoring the metrics.

Question 3

You have been working on an important project with several other colleagues for the past few weeks. The deadline is getting close. Due to an unexpectedly busy period, none of the team members have been able to complete their tasks for the project. Its become clear that due to existing workloads, the project is not on course to meet its deadline. How would you proceed?

Stakeholder managment
Problem solving
Question 4

Imagine you have just started in the role and now must become competent in using – and eventually the team expert in - a new piece of technology. There is an expert in the team you can learn from, but they are often busy with meetings and can't get much time from them

What approach do you take to building your competence and becoming the in-team expert?

Delivering at pace
Question 5

You're working on a project with a junior colleague. They’ve been tasked with putting together background research and analysis to support the project, but have now missed two deadlines for turning this in, meaning the project deadline is at risk of being missed.

What do you do?

Problem solving
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