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Stakeholder management is an essential to component of any successful project, programme or activity. A stakeholder could be any individual, group or organisation that can impact or be impacted by a given project.

Stakeholder management is the process of getting and keeping stakeholders on board with whatever work your organisation is doing.

Roles that require stakeholder management skills

  • Project management
  • Consulting
  • Client realtions
  • Customer engagement
  • Partnerships management
  • Account management

What skills should you be looking for?

Stakeholder management
Question 1

You have been working on a large project for the past few months and its deadline is now one week away. You have several other small tasks to complete during the coming week, but if you plan your time carefully you should be able to complete each of your current tasks effectively.

While working through these tasks, your manager unexpectedly asks you to conduct some additional research for a critical presentation they will be giving next week, stressing that this should now take priority over any other work you have. How do you respond?

Stakeholder management
Question 2

The company has been commissioned to deliver a large-scale project. The client is new and the internal project team have never worked together before. How would you approach building relationships with the different stakeholders involved in the project?

Stakeholder management
Question 3

Your organisation is experiencing a growth period, resulting in big changes to the working processes that people use in their roles. Members of the team are worried about the new processes and have expressed concern about the changes. How would you approach communicating with the team?

Stakeholder management
Question 4

In a situation where three senior stakeholders are looking to have their request prioritised, but only one can be progressed, how do you communicate with them to get an outcome that all three are satisfied with? Please provide an example of where you have achieved this?

Stakeholder management
Question 5

You have been asked to clean and combine a large amount of data from multiple sources into a single database that will be used across different departments in the organisation. The data will be used by a variety of people with very different levels of expertise and senior leadership would like to ensure that everyone is able to use the database without too much additional support. How would you approach this task?

Stakeholder management
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