How do we end Career Gap Stigma for good?

Thursday 13th October | 1.30pm BST

Join our webinar on how companies can support career break returners

Delivered by three experts running organisations supporting those returning from career breaks

Khyati Sundaram, CEO Applied

Applied is a behavioural science-backed tool for fair and de-biased hiring. They helps companies remove bias from hiring processes by removing gendered words from job adverts, anonymising applications, holding structured interviews and hiring based on skills.

Julianne Miles MBE, co-founder and CEO of Women Returners

Women Returners, a purpose-led consulting, coaching and network organisation enables professionals to return to work after an extended career break. Julianne took a 4-year parental career break after a first career in corporate strategy and marketing, before retraining as a Chartered Psychologist..

Tami Forman, Executive Director at Path Forward

Path Forward, is a nonprofit that empowers stay-at-home mothers and other caregivers to restart their professional careers. They've worked with more than 90 companies, including Amazon, Apple and Netflix to launch and implement return to work programs for mid-career professionals.

What to expect

1 in 3 brits has a career gap of 6 months or more in their work history, but sharing details of your career gap could still jeopardise your chances of landing that dream job. People with career gaps are not less talented, ambitious or motivated, so how do we banish these preconceptions? Applied in partnership with Women Returners and Path Forward.

Exploring the latest research into the stigma surrounding career gaps, we offer practical advice for candidates and employers on how to move past the negative stereotypes surrounding those who have taken time out of their career.