Customer events: getting the most out of Applied

On this page you'll find our customer-exclusive events to help you build diverse high-performing teams with Applied.

Whether you're completely new to Applied or have been with us for a while, there's something for everyone!

Customer events to help you through your Applied journey

Recommended for any new users with 'Org admin' access, or new users with 'Job admin' access.
Work sample workshop
Recommended for everyone who is involved in creating the questions you use to assess your candidates.
Mastering interviews
Recommended for everyone who wants to remove bias from interviews or has not yet used Applied for scheduling & scoring interviews.
Using Applied data
Recommend for everyone who wants to understand and use their Applied data to take action for diversity and track their impact.

Upcoming workshops


Mastering interviews with Applied

Tuesday 15th March 2022
4pm-5pm (GMT) | 12pm-1pm (EDT)

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Work sample workshop

Friday 25th March 2022
4pm-5:30pm (GMT) | 12pm-1:30pm (EDT)

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