7 Teamtailor Alternatives for an Enjoyable and Equitable Candidate Experience

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Rebecca Noori
April 26, 2023
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The Ultimate ATS Comparison Guide

Teamtailor is a popular recruiting software product with 115,000 users across 7,000 organisations. But there are plenty of alternatives offering an engaging and fairer hiring process for job seekers. 

This guide weighs Teamtailor up against seven recruitment software alternatives in the recruiting industry. We'll dig into UX, screening assessments, diversity features, and other key considerations about each of our hand-picked Teamtailor alternatives

Teamtailor overview

Teamtailor is a cloud-based recruitment software that helps successful companies attract, engage and hire the best talent. 

How does it do this? By focusing on candidate experience. 

Teamtailor knows that the recruitment process is an employer's chance to forge a positive relationship with the applicant and make a great first impression of the company. 


Teamtailor features 

  • Candidate NPS scoring 
  • Talent pool development 
  • Integration client communication 
  • Candidate Chat functionality  
  • Employer-branded careers pages
  • Targeted social media campaigns 
  • Anonymous hiring mode 

Here’s what Teamtailor gets right 

Teamtailor's heart is in the right place. The software is designed to make hiring as easy and enjoyable for applicants as possible and ensures smooth candidate interactions at every stage in the hiring funnel. For example, jobseekers who click on a careers page can chat with a hiring team member before applying for the job opening and receive updates on their application. 

These features all enable strong candidate relationships from the get-go. But is the process fair, and does it produce the hiring results your company deserves? 

Here’s why you might want to consider Teamtailor alternatives

Teamtailor lacks the DEI commitment offered by other tools in the market. The software could do so much more to provide a fair candidate experience — and after all, that’s what your applicants really want! 

1. Optional anonymous functionality

Teamtailor offers an optional anonymous hiring mode, which you can switch on or off throughout your funnel. Switch it on to level the playing field and evaluate candidates fairly without visibility into their names, backgrounds, or previous experience. Switch it off if you want to lose all that and view a job applicant's personal information. Here at Applied, we believe anonymisation should be the default rather than just another option. 

2. Third-party skills-based testing 

Skills-based testing allows you to assess talent based on the specific skills required for the job rather than being swayed by flowery language on a resume or the glitz of their previous big-name employer. To access skills testing in Teamtailor, you can use their partner integrations with a company like AssessFirst or Assessio. A recruiting platform with in-built testing and the ability to review work samples would be a better fit here. 

3. Reliance on employee referrals 

Teamtailor prides itself on making it easy for existing employees to refer others in their networks to join your company. This sounds sensible: If your current employees excel in their roles, they might also be rubbing shoulders with other top-notch professionals. 

The problem? Bias. If you already have a diversity problem, inviting "more of the same" to join your company won't solve this. Instead, your referral program will only deepen your gender-based, racial, or cultural divide. Look at this Payscale study as proof, which asked 53,000 US workers if they had landed their job through a referral. White women were 12% less likely to receive a referral than their white male counterparts, men of colour were 26% less likely, and women of colour were 35% less likely. 

7 Teamtailor alternatives your hiring team needs to consider

Teamtailor isn't the only game in town when it comes to creating an enjoyable and fair candidate experience. Check out the list below to find the most suitable recruitment software for your business. 

1. Workable 

Workable is a flexible cloud-based software appropriate for SMEs and large corporations alike. The talent acquisition platform offers extensive candidate management tools, processes and automation, career page builders, interview scheduling, and more. 


Candidate experience 

Workable includes an Automated Actions function to ensure smooth and frequent communication with candidates. (Side note: This is important as 77% of candidates claim to have been ghosted during recruitment.) The recruitment platform also empowers candidates with features like self-scheduling and asynchronous video interviews to ensure the recruitment process moves along swiftly. 

Candidate screening assessments 

Workable includes a range of ready-to-use assessments to test candidates on abstract reasoning, numerical comprehension, and verbal comprehension. Such tests provide a foundational understanding of a candidate's ability but are less useful than work samples or skills-based custom screening questions for specific roles. 

Fair and transparent screening 

The Workable software includes structured interview round kits to ensure consistent evaluations throughout interview conversations. The software also provides reporting and analytics essential for tracking diversity data. 

Key considerations 

Unfortunately, G2 reviews highlight that the Workable software can be slow and buggy, which affects UX. Additionally, professional recruiters mention that customisation options aren't extensive enough, in terms of specifying what users can and cannot see. 

2. Greenhouse 

Greenhouse is a comprehensive ATS favoured by tech companies and early-stage startups. The platform encourages hirers and internal HR teams to take a streamlined and consistent approach to candidate sourcing and recruitment. 


Candidate experience 

Greenhouse recruiting includes advanced automation, customisable career page branding, and candidate experience surveys to refine the applicant tracking process. The most inclusive feature is the ability for candidates to record the correct pronunciation of their names. 

Candidate screening assessments 

Greenhouse customers can predict candidates' future job performance using take-home assignments relevant to the role. Caution: It's wise to consider the administrative burden for candidates if you're requesting these and not overstep the mark in terms of how much you expect them to submit for free. 

Fair and transparent screening 

Greenhouse offers a wide range of diversity features, such as anonymised assessments and assessor skill rating explanations which define candidate requirements upfront. Recruiters can also view data from the Candidate Source by Demographics report to analyse their recruitment channels. Specifically, whether they're attracting candidates from underrepresented backgrounds and how they progress through the funnel. 

Key considerations 

While Greenhouse offers a fantastic candidate experience, some HR teams find it complicated to use on the back end. For example, a G2 user highlights, "there are too many buttons to click to do something. When changing candidate profile data, you have to go to a completely different screen." 

3. Lever 

Lever combines the key features of an applicant tracking system with customer relationship management software to provide an integrated recruitment and applicant tracking experience. 


Candidate experience 

Lever offers a Candidate Experience survey that includes open-ended and free-form questions on interview experience, communication clarity, and expectation setting. 

Candidate screening assessments 

The platform incorporates automation to build on traditional CV and interview-based hiring stages. If you want to include skills testing as part of your hiring process (and we strongly advise that you do), you'll need to rely on Lever's partner applications, such as Alooba. 

Fair and transparent screening 

The inbuilt DEI dashboard tracks and measures your diversity progress. Use compensation, ethnicity, and race filters to understand how you fare. 

Key considerations 

If candidate experience is high on your list, Lever can be a little clunky to use. G2 users report problems with website lag time, outages, email syncing, and Zoom integrations.

4. Breezy HR 

Breezy HR offers an applicant tracking system that enables you to attract qualified candidates with a clean, branded careers website, which you'll launch in just a few clicks. 

Breezy HR

Candidate experience 

Breezy offers an intuitive dashboard for all your candidate management needs. You'll send an email or text, schedule interview conversations, review candidate scores, or send a job offer from a single location. This centralised approach ensures positive communication and fewer crossed wires standing between your ATS and optimal talent. 

Candidate screening assessments 

Companies with high-volume applicants can benefit from Breezy’s custom screening questions, allowing you to screen candidates in or out of the entire hiring process with questions like: 

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Are you trained in C++?
  • Are you willing to travel to Portugal once a quarter? 

But Breezy HR doesn’t use more advanced skills assessment tests that would accurately predict future job performance. 

Fair and transparent screening 

A bias-free process comes down to adding structure and consistency to each stage of the hiring funnel. Breezy supports this by offering interview round guides to ensure that each member of your hiring committee uses the same calibrated approach to evaluating candidates. 

Key considerations 

Breezy's stance on DEI recruitment is in its infancy. The platform encourages employee referrals and makes it hard to contact rejected candidates. While other platforms focus on building a pool of candidates as a diversity best practice, one G2 user notes, "If a candidate isn't qualified, you delete them. Hello, isn't the purpose of an ATS to be able to go back and find this person down the road?"

5. Zoho Recruit 

Zoho Recruit is aimed at all recruitment professionals, whether in-house recruiters or external staffing agencies. It offers an ATS that allows you to source, track and hire best-fit candidates. 

Zoho Recruit

Candidate experience 

Zoho Recruit’s dedicated candidate portal is clean and easy to use. Email integration ensures that incoming candidates receive timely communications about their application progress.

Candidate screening assessments 

The platform allows you to rate applicants based on their qualifications and answers to pre-screening assessments. This isn't an extensive form of testing but asks candidates to self-rate their competencies. 

Fair and transparent screening 

Zoho Recruit's behavioural assessment is useful for identifying "culture fit." At Applied, we prefer to use the more diverse "culture add" approach to recruitment. This focuses on what new skills and experiences candidates bring to an organisation rather than selecting candidates based on whether they'll meld with your existing team. 

Key considerations 

While this is a well-known product in the recruitment industry, G2 users highlight problems such as lack of support and problems reading candidate phone numbers in the ATS. There are also some known integration issues, which could be problematic if you need to pull in third-party data. 

6. Vervoe 

Vervoe is a skills assessment and job simulation tool to predict candidate performance with real-life work tasks. It differs from other Teamtailor alternatives on our list as it's not an all-in-one ATS solution. 


Candidate experience 

Vervoe gives candidates a glimpse at what working for your company might look like. Job simulations offer an engaging interface, provide context, and allow candidates to demonstrate their technical prowess and practical skills. 

Candidate screening assessments 

Vervoe has a library of 300+ ready-to-use skills assessments to test suitability for different roles, skills, and technical knowledge. It relies on machine learning to rank and grade candidate answers, which is fast and convenient. 

Fair and transparent screening 

Relying on the robots alone can invite the potential for bias in your hiring decisions, as AI is typically trained using data sets from previous hiring applications. If this data contains bias, there will likely be vulnerabilities in your screening assessments too. 

Key considerations 

Vervoe is an interesting tool to slot into your recruiting process. Focusing on predictive hiring is definitely a move in the right direction and beats the outdated approach of checking CVs. But use any AI-backed tool with care. 

7. Applied 

Applied is a fully inclusive HR Recruitment Software focused on DEI and quality of hire – and we believe the two go hand-in-hand. Regardless of your business size, our modern platform uses behavioral and data science to remove unconscious bias from the hiring process. And this powerful hiring approach predicts how your candidates will actually perform in the role. 


Candidate experience 

Candidates experience a smooth and stress-free application process designed to get the best out of everyone who applies. Frequent communication with the applicant flow is one of our top priorities. We provide customised, automated feedback to every candidate so they understand how they performed and compared to their peers. These are just a few of the reasons why over half a million candidates rate their experience of Applied as 9/10. 

Candidate screening assessments 

Applied offers a complete suite of cognitive, and numerical skills tests, and skills-based shortlisting features. These enable you to select the best-equipped candidates to succeed in your role. Our tests incorporate situational judgement questions and work samples with calibrated marking rubrics to standardise the scoring. 

Fair and transparent screening 

Applied excels at diversity. Our recruiting technology uses techniques like anonymisation, randomisation, and chunking to remove bias from the recruiting process. It’s also easy to track demographic data to understand the best sources of quality candidates, such as job boards, job sites, or social media channels. From there, you’ll monitor their progress throughout the funnel. The result? You’ll receive up to 4x increase in ethnic diversity of candidates. 

Key considerations 

Choose a software like Applied if you want equitable hiring and candidate experience at the core of your recruitment strategy. With comprehensive assessment and reporting, you'll make informed decisions and give candidates from all backgrounds a fair crack of the whip. This will only lead to greater talent joining your team. 

Applied is an all-in-one recruitment solution your ideal candidates will love to use. Build an attractive employer brand by transforming your candidate experience today: book in a demo.