Why You Should Consider These 5 Workable Alternatives

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Joe Caccavale
January 6, 2023
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The Ultimate ATS Comparison Guide

Workable is one of the most popular recruitment software platforms with 27,000 customers and 1,500,000 hires.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean that it's a one-size-fits-all solution that will work for your organisation.

If you're considering investing in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) like Workable, we'd recommend browsing our list below to give you an idea of what's available and what the advantages/pitfalls might be.


Workable overview 

Workable is one of the most recognisable names on the ATS market - providing a suite of scalable recruitment tools, processes and automation, from careers pages and sourcing through to interview scheduling and reporting.

Workable screenshot

Workable features

  • Job Posting
  • Candidate Search
  • Career Page Configuration
  • Candidate management
  • Hiring Processes Tracking
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Candidate Assessments
  • Automated Resume Parsing


Reasons to choose Workable - here's what it gets right 

The Workable platform is highly customisable with plenty of templates to help you get going.

The platform offers 1000+ gender-neutral, inclusive job descriptions, as well as an extensive library of interview questions.

Whilst many ATS' simply speed up the standard CV-based hiring process, Workable does allow you to test candidates with read-to-use assessments.

These include abstract reasoning, numerical comprehension and verbal comprehension.

If DEI is a top priority for you, Workable has the option to anonymise screening to mitigate unconscious bias - here at Applied we believe that anonymisation should be an essential feature of any ATS.


Workable screenshot 2


Why you might want to consider Workable alternatives

Whilst the assessments Workable offers are going to be more fair and predictive than reviewing CVs, the evidence is still mixed when it comes to accurately predicting job performance.

Sure, a psychometric test can give you a solid outline of someone's personality type of numerical ability...

But the jury is still out on how relevant this is to how someone will actually perform on the job - since these aptitudes are not being tested in context and aren't job-specific.

5 Workable alternatives to consider before making a decision 

1. Lever

Lever is a talent acquisition platform that connects companies with talent using both ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and CRM capabilities in one product.

Lever screenshot


Assessment Quality

When it comes to assessments, you'll be using a fairly traditional (albeit more automated) CV and interview-based recruitment process.

The platform doesn't offer any additional tests or questions, although it will help you review candidates more objectively by collating and tracking scores.


Lever handles manual tasks like archiving, tagging, emailing, and advancing candidates and can also reduce time spent hiring via quick approvals, direct feedback, automated email outreach, and custom surveys.

Diversity & Inclusion 

The Lever platform has a dedicated DEI dashboard to help you track diversity data to help you report on your initiatives.

Although whilst it does take some steps to mitigate unconscious bias, Lever doesn't offer any form of objective skill-based assessment beyond your typical CV/interview process.

Things to consider

Some users have reported that the platform isn't the easiest tool to use - with tasks like bulk-rejecting candidates being more complicated than they would be using some of the other Workable alternatives on this list.

There are also minor issues around outages, lag times and zoom integrations. 


2. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system with solutions for both in-house recruiters and staffing agencies - helping you to source, track, and hire candidates.

Assessment Quality

Similarly to Lever, Zoho Recruit allows you to parse CVs and transfer candidate information to your database.

However, they do have pre-screening assessments. You can assign point values to each answer choice and automatically rate applicants based on their qualifications. Whilst perhaps better than nothing, this doesn't 'test' candidates, it simply asks them about their experience and competencies.

Zoho Recruit also gives you the option to use a behavioral assessment. This is essentially just a soft skill test to gauge 'culture fit'.


Zoho Recruit offers candidate matching, custom workflows and source boosters to help speed up your recruitment process.

'Blueprint' is what Zoho Recruit have named their technology that shows users what actions need to be taken at what time and nudges them accordingly. You can drag and drop actions to create your own recruitment workflow.

Diversity & Inclusion

Unfortunately, Zoho Recruit doesn't appear to offer any anonymisation or bias-reducing features to help you improve diversity.

Things to consider 

Some of Zoho Recruit's reviews mention 'clunky' UI, and that tasks like pulling reports can be tedious and time-consuming as an admin.

3. Greenhouse

Greenhouse offers a solution to help companies hire for what's next using intelligent guidance to design and automate the recruitment process.

Greenhouse screenshot

Assessment Quality

Greenhouse uses what it calls 'structured hiring' to define roles and requirements ahead of time so that candidates can be objectively assessed.

What Greenhouse seems to lack, however, is ready-to-use tests or questions that might actually help predict how someone would perform on the job., even if they do provide a decent framework for outlining and tracking what you're looking for.


Greenhouse provides features like automated sourcing, email reminders and candidate surveys to help boost efficiency.

Diversity & Inclusion

To reduce bias and improve diversity, Greenhouse allows you to issue anonymous take-home assignments and send nudges to your hiring team.

You can also make skills ratings as a requirement in the app's scorecards, so team members are forced to review candidates more objectively.

Things to consider

While Greenhouse collects a lot of data, developing visualisations can be a manual process when trying to pull large data sets and track things like diversity data.

Some users have also reported that the userface isn't the most straightforward to navigate.

4. Breezy HR

Breezy HR's applicant tracking system helps companies advertise job openings, recruit candidates, automate the hiring process and collaborate with teams on the hiring process.

Breezy HR screenshot

Assessment Quality

 Breezy HR provides tools to collate scores and collaborate with your hiring team, but doesn't supply any assessments other than pre-screening questions.

These pre-screening questions automatically advance (or disqualify) candidates based on their answers e.g. How many years of experience do you have? Although this may be useful for extremely high-volume roles, it's far from the most predictive means of narrowing your talent pool.


In terms of recruitment automation, Breezy HR enables you to stage actions to automate things like messages, questionnaires and scheduling interviews.

Diversity & Inclusion

If you're struggling to diversify your talent pool, Breezy HR integrates with several DEI-focused job sites to help you reach a wider array of candidates.

The platform does also allow you to gather structured, unbiased feedback using interview guides although this seems to be as far as the diversity-centric features go.

Things to consider

According to some users, it can be tricky to keep tabs on your organisation's hiring at a high level using Breezy HR without clicking into individual roles.

One of the other complaints is around hirers not being able to contact candidates after a role has been published.

5. Applied

Born out of the UK Government's Behavioural Insights Team, Applied is the all-in-one recruitment software for predictive, ethical hiring. We built Applied to help organisations source, assess and hire candidates in the fairest way possible using science-backed assessments - automating all of the boring stuff so you can focus on identifying quality talent.

Applied screenshot

Assessment Quality

The quality of our assessments is something we take very seriously here at Applied.

Screen candidates using highly predictive, job-specific work sample questions - specifically designed to simulate tasks that candidates would encounter, should they get the job.

If you're still transitioning away from CVs or just need the extra safety net, you can use our CV Scoring Tool to screen CVs using a more fair, objective process. Candidates are scored against a set list of questions crafted to focus on actual skills, rather than background.

If you're dealing with a high volume of candidates, we built out numerical test to help lighten the load, as well as 'Mapped' - a cognitive assessment specifically designed to find candidates with commercial and analytical ability for top consulting/finance firms.


Applied will take care of the heavy lifting - from job board posting and anonymisation to automated, personalised feedback - with all the data and analytics to effortlessly track and report on things like efficiency, ROI and diversity. 

Diversity & Inclusion

 Diversity and fairness are at the core of the Applied platform.

Every step of our process has been designed to reduce bias: job descriptions are analysed and optimised for inclusion, candidates are screened anonymously and interviews are structured and skill-focussed. Our analytics suite allows you to measure how candidates progress through your process to ensure your process is diversity-driven.

Why choose Applied?

  • Science-approved, job-specific assessments help organisations using Applied find 3x more suitable candidates
  • Anonymous process which tends to see a 3-4x increase in ethnic diversity.
  • Smooth, streamlined interface
  • Best-in-class support
  • Straightforward, easy-to-navigate reporting 
  • 9/10 average candidate experience candidate experience


Applied is the all-in-one recruitment software purpose-built to reduce bias and reliably predict quality talent.

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