Future Super + Applied. Avoiding diversity debt, increasing efficiency.

Future Super, as the name suggests, is a company with tomorrow in mind. Conscious of not creating diversity debt within their team, they used Applied to primarily remove unconscious bias but also found it sped up the recruitment process.

Australia’s first ethical superannuation fund, Future Super are growing fast. It was important to Leigh Dunlop, Head of People and Culture, to design processes that would scale with the business and ensure its long term health. 

Scaling companies run the risk of creating a ‘diversity debt’ by relying on personal networks and unstructured hiring processes while the people function is maturing. But not this scale up! 

Given the nature of the business, Future Super intuitively understood the importance that today's decisions make on tomorrow's outcomes.

Leigh worked with Applied to build a recruitment process that would allow hiring managers to feel confident they were selecting the best person for the job, regardless of their background. 

This was particularly important because the organisation is founded from a desire to invest in sustainable businesses and these values had to be reflected internally.

Comparing the Applied process to the old method of manually screening CVs, Leigh acknowledged:

“there is some important work at the outset to define what good looks like but we now complete our first review of all candidates within around one hour.”

It took 1 – 2 full days when stage 1 was a CV sift! On top of that, candidates rated the Applied process 9.3 out of 10. Future Super is really raising the bar on candidate experience!

“It was interesting to compare our gut assessment of candidate performance to the more accurate, objective assessments when we removed unconscious bias. No one likes to think they’re biased but we’re all human. Rather than spend time trying to train unconscious bias out, it felt far more useful and efficient to simply design a recruitment process that did all that automatically. We’ll never go back to using CVs to screen again!” - Leigh Dunlop, Head of People and Culture at Future Super


Future Super is an Australian retail superannuation fund that offers superannuation services, focussing on zero fossil fuel investment and on holistically ethical investment with an emphasis on clean energy projects.

"We’ll never go back to using CVs to screen again!"

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